Zero Optik: professional lenses … without lenses

Pinhole Photography conjures up many people either from the beginnings of photography, or with primitive toys not having nothing to do with the professional photographers. Meantime this company did something remarkable.

The founder of Zero Optik has concluded that there is a camera on the market niche which missing out on him professionally produce pinhole Pano lenses.

Simple photo-objectives are lenses designed to record movies. Secondly and most importantly, they are made according to the same high quality standards that apply to all other lenses in this market segment. This means, inter alia, the casing of the “cosmic” aluminum alloy combined with steel bayonet mounted PL filter with¬†86 mm in size.

The first lens called¬†“focal length” corresponding to 35 mm optic lens, will be equipped with three laser-cut holes for the values of f/87.5, f/175/350 f. The beginning of supply of new lenses is planned for this month.

And so it looks like the film registered lens connected to a Sony camera Optik Zero A7S II