Zero Chamber in the Refrigerator, what is it?

Refrigerator is the most important device in any kitchen. It was in store groceries, which later preparing start to prepare meals and juices. It turns out that many manufacturers of large home appliances that invents more and newer technologies that are designed to significantly improve the operation of the refrigerator. One of them is a null. What exactly is the function and what is it used for not many people knows.
Null Chamber, also known as Bio Chamber, Fresh Zone or compartment freshness, is one of those technologies that appeared recently. Initially it was only on the more expensive models, but over time began to appear also in cheaper devices. It is still not standard equipment on any combined refrigerator-freezers, but fortunately we no longer follow her sweet overspend. Therefore, why should choose such a solution?

Appreciate the technology primarily to people who like to prepare their own food in the House. The Chamber’s task is to maintain an optimal level of humidity and temperature, so that we can take much longer to store fresh produce without freezing or thawing. As the name suggests-this is usually 0 degrees Celsius, although this is not the rule. It can sometimes control the temperature from -1 to + 4 degrees Celsius.

Zero Chamber in the Refrigerator
Woman Looking Inside Fridge Full Of Food And Choosing Salad. Photo: Fotolia

Zero compartment is ideal for storing these products, which tend to quickly perish. In a drawer can hold all the products that have a shorter term relevance, such as fish or meat, and we’re going to until the next day, prepare them for dinner. They retain fresh longer, and at the same time, there is no need to freeze them.

Fridge is usually equipped with two chambers. In one store meat and fish at a temperature of around-1 degree Celsius, and the hide fruits and vegetables (preferably at a temperature of + 2 degrees Celsius). Interestingly, in some models, the temperature refrigerators we can regulate themselves.

It also happens so that the device is equipped with No Frost, which prevents the formation of frost and ice on the walls of the refrigerator. He does this by drawing moisture from the Interior of the instrument. Unfortunately, lack of moisture can badly affect some products and therefore zero Chamber often has a higher moisture content. For the more demanding users have sprung up even in models where we can we regulate its level in the Chamber.

Is it worth to use zero level fridge?

Of course, Yes. Currently, the refrigerator with zero Chamber are no longer as expensive as just a few years ago. The cheapest models you can buy already are priced from the high $ 1800, and the benefits of this solution are tremendous. Just get used to it and remember that fresh and no-frozen groceries are full of vitamins and other thinks that we really not follow anymore, but yet we know are important.