YouTube as a TV Service just around the corner.

Cable providers must have some nightmares, a new threat is near. According to unconfirmed information, subscription to TV Service begun on YouTube channel called Unplugged.

YouTube is looking for a way to get into television market since  2012, but until now could not get along with any important content provider of this type. However, according to the latest information received by the editors of Bloomberg, talks must reach a breakthrough, since the plan started much faster to go forward.

According to Bloomberg, YouTube would appear the most famous tv shows. They are currently conducted talks with cable service providers such as Viacom, the Twenty-First Century Fox and CBS. Of course, the fundings do not sunk, but the concrete deal is still far away. Therefore, what YouTube has to be Unplugged? The service is expected to cost 35 dollars a month and include unlimited access to content provided by TV networks, copyright materials, films, tv series, as well as sports broadcasts.

Interestingly, users will be able to buy specially selected packages. They may be small and most importantly prepared in individual customer preferences. As Leslie Moonves of CBS, users now prefer smaller packages of programs (after 15-30 channels), which actually are watching. However, YouTube could make even smaller packages-after 3-4 programs. Their price so far is not known.