Xhibitionist, new Yacht for $25m

Motorboat industry works very fast. Yachts and boats, surprising not only the applied technologies, but also design. This time a futuristic vehicle created a Swedish company Gray Design, dealing with both vehicles, motorcycles and cars. Designed by Eduard Gray yacht shows a whole new trends in the industry.
Xhibitionist is an elegant, futuristic mega-yacht, which is worth $ 25 million. It was created with a view to the organization of large events for up to 600 people. The heart of this 70-foot-high trimaran is a diesel-electric hybrid engine. It is worth noticing on the front part of the ship, where she was placed in a fold-out platform. This is a big solar panel that provides energy for the vessel, but also landing strip for up to three helicopters or place host events.

Despite the sizable Xhibitionist is supposed to have only two meters drought. The weight was distributed on three pontoons, which makes it the main feature of the luxury yacht to be unusual stable (even at high speeds). Importantly, the vast area below deck may be changed according to your needs and which has been covered in the passenger cabin, car dealer or boutiques.


The Board also provided space for a restaurant for 350 guests, a conference room, a place for the presentation of products and fashion shows. In addition, there is also a bar, a casino and a night club. Complement of luxury are terraces, jacuzzi and large Windows, which add meeting space.