World`s Smallest Pocket Lamp

Bullet looks like a nine millimeter cartridge, but gives light, not the death. A company has developed it from San Francisco. Donors fly on it. The financing target is already far surpassed in a few days.

World`s Smallest Pocket Lamp
This is no shell casing, but the small flashlight bullet. However, she looks like a nine millimeter cartridge confusingly. Photo: Slughouse

Well 50 days before the end of the round of financing the company Slughouse from San Francisco on Kickstarter has approximately $23,000 collected, more than twice as much as it needs to resume series production.

Her interest is the perhaps smallest flashlight in the world. It has the form of a cartridge, is 3 cm long and weighs all six grams. She can be attached to your key ring. “She is so small and light that you don’t notice it when it is in your pocket,” touts the company. In may 2016 should the first 109 donors, the whole $8 paid up, get their “bullet”, as the company calls its LED flashlight.

Batteries last 16 hours

Three button cells supply the light-emitting diode. Hold up to 16 hours, says Slughaus founder, who remains anonymous. The luminous flux is located at 15 lumens, which is not much. It ranges but always to find the keyhole in the dark night. Even in rainy weather, the owner must not renounce his little helpers from aircraft aluminum.

World`s Smallest Pocket Lamp - 1
The smallest torch in the world will be built: at the Crowdfunding manufacturer SlugHouse has collected enough capital. Photo: Stughouse

The developers insist that bullet is waterproof. And when she falls down time? No problem. It was, nothing could shatter, the company asserts. The light-emitting diode should keep at least 25,000 hours, what will probably benefit no one. The pipsqueak is rather intended for short search. Night forest walks, he is not much help. The luminous flux is too small.

Anyone looking for the brightest Flashlight in the world prefer instead of the smallest, which should access to the Flashtorch. It is so bright that you can light a fire with her beam.

It began with a night-time cell phone search

“It all started so that at night slipped my cell phone in the car”, the developer says. “As I wished, I could have a small flashlight to locate it.” Since he had come to the design idea to develop a mini flashlight in cartridge form.

World`s Smallest Pocket Lamp
The small flashlight bullet should be waterproof. For a walk in the forest at night, the light is not enough. The beam of light is just low. Photo: Slughouse

Bullet is switched on by a simple rotation. In matte black and metallic gloss, is available so it is very similar to a nine mimillimeterartridge. When traveling by air, owner of the bullet may have problems. The security personnel could keep the small flashlight for a genuine cartridge.

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