World’s Most Expensive Building – Apple Campus 2

It is the most expensive building in the world and one of the biggest: Apple’s new corporate headquarters in Cupertino. Unbelievable: The huge building in the form of a donut is dedicated to the end of the year. If Apple builds particularly spectacular, this means soul of Gersthofen in the vicinity of Augsburg for the engineers of the Glasbauers much work and many long hours. You have developed the sophisticated mounting technology, with which you can build large glass cubes without having large metal Rails disturb the transparent design. And they are master is to produce huge, curved washers.

Model of the Apple campus 2 of the architectural firm foster and partners: The new corporate headquarters in Cupertino is around 5 billion $ cost, making it the most expensive building in the world.
Model of the Apple campus 2 of the architectural firm foster and partners: The new corporate headquarters in Cupertino with around 5 billion US$ budget making it the most expensive building in the world.

Soul participated at the most beautiful Apple retail stores in the world, about the famous Apple store on Fifth Avenue in New York and the Apple store at the Jungfernstieg in Hamburg, the largest Apple store in Europe.

New Apple seat is larger than French Louvre

But in Cupertino, the headquarters of the computer and software manufacturer, the requirements are much larger. There, Apple builds the with approximately $5 billion, most expensive building in the world. It will have an area of 260,000 m2, making it even larger than the famous Louvre of 210,000 m2 floor space and 60,000 m2 exhibition area brings. 13,000 Apple employees will move into the “Apple Campus 2”. And yet, the old headquarters is operated further with 25,000 employees.

World's Most Expensive Building - Apple Campus 2 Construction
The new Apple headquarters – 260,000 m2.

Amazing: Apple founder of Steve Jobs presented the plans until 2011, 2013, the Cupertino City Council approved the construction – and at the end of this year the huge complex is to be inaugurated. This has now confirmed Apple. But otherwise, there are only a few details of the construction. Not even architect Norman Foster tells a single line on the home page of his architecture Office.

Apple’s suppliers must mention

Also in soul, there is a great silence. “We may answer any questions”, said a company spokeswoman. All suppliers of the group are obliged to maintain confidentiality. But soul is not any supplier. Apple is also the new headquarters as usual transparent. The circular complex, which looks like a lying donut or a landed spacecraft and therefore in the media also space ship is called, has a facade made of glass.

The circular building has a circumference of 1.6 km. Soul must therefore produce a lot of slices and mount. The difficulty: The huge glass panes are bent. But that is a specialty of soul. Also in Apple’s stores, there are numerous curved glass surfaces. The cube of the Apple store in Shanghai is for example completely round.

Apple Campus The aerial photograph taken with a drone
The aerial photograph taken with a drone shows the construction site of the new Apple campus in Cupertino 2 on the 19.11.2015: the complex has over 10,000 parking spaces and is located directly on the motorway.

How many discs provide the Augsburg, how many people work on the project – all a secret. Only after the inauguration of the building soul as Apple’s home – and purveyor will reveal more.

Apple campus 2: 260,000 square meters for 13,000 employees

So long, we must content ourselves with the little information that exists for the unusual construction. First: It’s really a building and not a complex. 13,000 employees will work on the 260,000 m2. The insular Development Department is housed in the basement.

The underground car park will have 10,000 parking spaces. The traffic will be so considerable around the corporate headquarters – despite the bike paths, that build Apple. But the location of the new building is also too tempting for car drivers: it is located right on the highway.

World's Most Expensive Building - Apple Campus 2 inside
Apple Campus interior in 5 Bln USD Building

The grounds on which stands the complex, has 700,000 m2 and has huge open spaces, parks and woodlands. There are jogging and bike paths and to further unwind a fitness and Wellness Center, the only 70 million $ costs. But all this may well press Apple: In the last quarter by 2015, Apple has a profit of 18.4 billion $ generated. So much like never before.