World’s Highest Glass Bridge

World’s highest glass bridge

The Chinese have since even afraid? Thousands thronged at weekends on the highest glass bridge in the world. the look of the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass bridge is 300 m in depth. “Unfortunately” best views down the 430 m long bridge your floor is made of glass.

Almost exactly a month ago we presented the ultimate test of courage for engineers in Germany: the Geierlay suspension bridge on the edge in the Hunsrück. These stretches at 100m on a length of 360m above the Valley. If you have now successfully mastered this assault on the senses, we now recommend you a trip to the Middle Kingdom.

Because there in the Zhangjiajie National Park in Hunan province in Southeast of China the world’s longest and highest bridge of glass invites since last weekend, to make an incomparably sensual experience of glass, the most courageous to do so.

430 long m above a floor made of glass

The Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass leads bridge up to 300 m above a rugged Canyon in the Zhangjiajie mountains in the National Park. The glass is 430 m long and consists of exactly 99 meter wide floor panels made of three-layer glass.

Even before opening, the glazing is a tourist magnet. More than 1.2 million visitors came last year in the National Park to marvel at the construction of the bridge.

Ride limousine as hardness test

Their soundness proved sufficiently the bridge designed by Israeli architect Haim Dotan in recent weeks. A journalist was allowed to embark on the construction of glass with a hammer. Drove a limo occupied with passengers even on the delicate bridge.

The architect from Tel Aviv, who designed also the Israeli Pavilion at the EXPO 2010 in Shanghai, wanted to make the glass bridge over the wooded area of Wulingyuan, which is known for its huge up to 200 m high sky pillar-like sandstone formations, as invisible.

“A white bridge that disappears in the clouds”, as its motto. Some of these bizarre rock formations now serve as a natural bridge between where the steel rope bridge is stretched.

High-heeled shoes are prohibited

Who want to embark on the most spectacular walk of the world, must reserve already them the day before. A bridges trip converted 18 euros. It maximum 800 persons may be located at the same time on the glass bridge. You are likely to have been reached easily

past opening weekend. It swarmed with visitors.

And that must follow rules of conduct, if they enter the bridge: so the visitors with high-heeled shoes, the panes of glass are allowed to run. You may take any cameras and Selfie sticks, because falling sharp objects could scratch the glass.

Catwalk for fashion shows

The bridge will generate not only goose bumps. In the future, the spectacular building is intended also as a catwalk for fashion shows. Only the high-heeled shoes must redeem then probably the long-legged beauties for the protective coatings, that must cover all visitors of the bridge.

And not only that: from June 2017 is the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon glass bridge Absprunsgsort for the highest bungee jump in the world. Then the previous record jump of the Macau Tower in the Special Administrative Region of Macao of the People’s Republic of China, which puts it on a jump altitude of 233 m, is relegated to second place.

Model for floating mountains of Pandora (Avatar movie)

Then, huge swings under the bridge to hang to provide onlookers visitors still kick: swings on Wulingyuan. At the latest should be the perfect feeling of Pandora. Because Hollywood director James Cameron for his 3D movie avatar from the jagged rocks in Zhangjiajie National Park for the floating mountains on Pandora found inspiration.

A journey is too far to China, but still want to experience the queasy feeling in my stomach, other targets that are accessible even without a plane offer is in addition to the suspension bridge in the Hunsrück.

For example, the Skywalk in the Swiss Alps. While the eyes views of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, the feet are on a glass plate 200 m across a chasm.

We had to offer even the longest rope suspension bridge of the Alps. That is 406 m long not bad. There’s a Skywalk in the Sauerland, but given that is much less spectacular and hovers just above treetops and phenomena. So rather what to practice.

Here, we have put together for you the ten longest bridges in the world.