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World’s Biggest Craft Crash Landed in UK (video)

The accident occurred during the second trial flight Airlander 10, which is a combination of aircraft and airship. Luckily no one was harmed. The causes are determined. Airlander is a combination of the airship, aircraft, and even helicopter.Its fuselage are two helium tanks shaped like cigars, long on 92 m. their capacity reaches 38 thousand cubic meters. The machine can disperse up to 150 km/h, and is able to keep up to two weeks.

Weight of the airship is 20 t on deck can take 48 passengers or 10 tons of cargo. Thanks to the low weight, for such a large size, Airlander consumes five times less fuel than planes with similar capabilities.

Trouble on the second test

The first flight of the Airlander 10, which took place on August 17, it was considered a success. During the second, which took place on Wednesday, however, did not go so well. According to the British media, including The Guardian, while returning to base Cadington Airfeld in Bedfordshire, the airship made his hard landing. Airship should land, just as they do the helicopters. The recordings can be seen, however, how lurched forward toward the Earth, and it is this part, as the first had contact with the ground.

Fortunately, in case nobody suffered. Was destroyed while the cockpit.

According to the foreign media, the cause of the accident could be the fact that the ship hooked before about the telegraph pole.

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