World Longest Tibet Rope Suspension Bridge

Through the floor can be seen in the Valley, by the side rails, and it varies of course, Europe’s longest suspension bridge that spans now near Reutte over the fern pass. Height of 114 meters she stretches 406 meters long across the Valley. It should not be a scaredy-cat.

World Longest Tibet Rope Suspension Bridge
The new suspension bridge in higline179 near the town of Reutte stretches 406 m above the Valley.

The highline 179: the Tyrolean bridge, is not only spectacular but also the entry in the Guinness Book of world records. It is now officially the “Longest Tibet Pedestrian Suspension Bridge” of the world, said Martin Kathrein, technical director of the company Strabag. The Austrian construction company that built the bridge.

But even without a record label, the rope suspension bridge was dedicated in a good week ago the small town of Reutte is an attraction. Although the bridge connects two sites, namely the two fortifications of ruin Ehrenberg and the Fort Claudia. But it is in the face of the spectacular construction nearly to marginalize.

World Longest Tibet Rope Suspension Bridge is approved for a maximum of 500 persons

After only six and a half months of construction. Only 30 kilometers from the Zugspitze we have a real attraction. The impressive highline179 extends Federal road from the ruins of Castle Ehrenberg to the Fort Claudia high about the eponymous B179 remote pass. Since 22 November daring walk may venture into high above the Valley.

The total length of the rope suspension bridge for pedestrians only is 406 metres, the maximum height of 114 meters. The bridge, which is completely made of steel is approximately 70 tonnes in weight. Four suspension wires are secured with 16 rock bolts and the construction. These range up to 17 metres deep into the rock.

World Longest Tibet Rope Suspension Bridge_
The 406 meters long rope suspension bridge of Reutte in the Alps panorama: Including the fern pass winds through the slope.

You must keep a lot. Not only the 70 tons dead weight of the bridge. They are designed so that the bridge can bear snow even 125 tons. And if the maximum of 500 allowed pedestrians on the bridge romp, 37.5 tons are added may once again.

The walking width is 1.20 metres, just so much that two people can pass each other. People with fear of heights, which are pillars of salt when looking in depth through the gratings underneath her feet, should prefer better the way above solid ground.

World Longest Tibet Rope Suspension Bridge
The new rope suspension bridge of Reutte in Tyrol range up to 114 meters high above the valley floor.

“Thanks to the thick cables bridge feels very solid, although due to construction-related perceived freedom, for some, the sight of the highline179 will be enough adventure”says Hermann Ruepp, the Chairman of the nature park region of Reutte.

The highline179 crosses the busy Fernpass

While the bridge should be, as the architect Armin Walch had the idea 15 years ago, actually aren’t that spectacular. 250 metres in length, the speech was at that time, but for many schedule changes from this eventually became the present 406 meters. There is definitely longer suspension rope bridges as the highline179, explain those responsible.

But Guinness has introduced various categories for the different constructions of suspended rope bridges. And so is the highline179 become the longest bridge in still, anyway, in the category of suspended rope bridges for pedestrians in the Tibet style.

World Longest Tibet Rope Suspension Bridge
Anything for Bunny feet: the soil of the rope suspension bridge of Reutte consists only of metal grating, which allow a view of the Valley. And the valley floor is 114 meters, a long way away.

Attention: this is the new bridge. The remote mountain pass under it is an important traffic link between Kempten, feet and Landeck and leads over the Reschen pass to Italy. Especially to the ski season, the street is full with tourists attracted to the ski areas. Perhaps one or the other motorists is a rest in the future and pay a visit to the historic fortifications together with the highline179.