World’s Longest Ice Bridge – students of engineering winter brake

It will be the longest bridge in the world ever made out of ice. Students of the Technical University Eindhoven go straight to Finland, to begin the construction. Based on a blueprint of Leonardo da Vinci’s the bridge of ice to carry a car and many walkers can.

World's Longest Ice Bridge
Young want a bridge that has drawn Leonardo da Vinci over 500 years ago, engineers of TU Eindhoven first in ice to build. The construction – here a computer animation now begins in Finland. Photo: TU Eindhoven

It went off right after Christmas. The containers are packed, and also the most important part of the equipment is loaded with some effort. Finally, the balloon, the Group of students from Eindhoven taking after Finland, weighs all 1600 kg. One understands what has to do with a bridge made of ice, if you look at the construction.

For this you must scroll down well only 500 years in the history. It was the year 1502, when Leonardo since Vinci designed a stone bridge for the Sultan of Istanbul, should span the 240 m. An order of magnitude, which at that time could imagine nobody, and therefore was never built the bridge. Its static but is so good even by today’s standards that the Eindhoven now finally want to build her students. If only for a short time.

Ice bridge spans has 35 meter free. World’s Longest Ice Bridge –  students of engineering spend winter brake on very creative way.

The Finnish city Juuka organizes regularly together with scientists from all over the world, exploring architecture made of ice, ice events. And at the next da Vinci bridge just the highlight.

An advance team has already mid December drilled holes in the ground and sunk anchor for the bridge. Together with more than 100 volunteers from various European countries, the 65 m-long bridge that spans 35 m free, is then built in the next few months. If it works, this is a world record for ice architecture.

World's Longest Ice Bridge
To build the bridge, water is sprayed on a balloon to freeze there. So is built layer by layer. Around the clock, the equipment in use must remain, not to freeze. So the ice is stable, it includes snippets of paper. Photo: TU Eindhoven

Because ice alone but yet not strong enough, a two percent stake in the water is mixed, as snippets of paper. Thus, the load-bearing capacity tripled. To get the curved design, the balloon is then necessary: he serves as a kind of mold. The water in thin layers is sprayed around him, so that each layer freezes almost immediately to. So it goes bit by bit, the balloon holds the bridge in form, and only after completion, the air is released. Breaks are not possible: all stakeholders must work through day and night so that the machines do not freeze and refuse to work.

900 tons of ice were used for the bridge construction.

About 900 tonnes of ice after the calculation of the students and their project manager Arno Pronk necessary will be. That’s twice so accordingly, the students expect much as at the world’s largest ice Cathedral, also built by a group of Eindhoven in 2014 in three weeks – now with a construction period of six weeks.

World's Longest Ice Bridge
The engineers from Eindhoven there want to build on this riverbed Vinci ice bridge. Photo: TU Eindhoven

Target date is mid-February. The bridge should be not only to look at there. Test way is driving a car over it, and if you stand it, pedestrians in may stroll.

Young engineers is not about art and also not so much about the record: you want to show that ice as a building material is extremely versatile. By the way, even NASA knows that. So, the concept of a space station has won the NASA competition for a habitation on Mars from ice. And Lexus has found just favor the idea, to make the wheels of a Lexus NX from ice.