World Largest Solar Thermal Power Plant

The first block of the largest solar thermal power plant in the world has gone to the network on Thursday in Morocco. In the final stage, the power station to supply 1.2 million people with current Noor. The parade come from Germany. But not only that.

King Mohammed VI. gave the signal for the commissioning of the first section in Ouarzazate in the Sahara. It consists of 537.000 parade, which has supplied the German company Flabeg from Furth im Wald. The plant has a capacity of 160 MW. Already this first block cost around EUR 3.6 billion and will provide 350,000 people with electricity.

Desertec idea is still reality

Four sections are planned. The next two blocks occur in the next few years, Noor 2 is already under construction. Noor 4 is still in planning. If the complete system to the mains, it should reach a capacity of 580 MW and power supply 1.2 million Moroccans. So Noor is the largest solar plant in the world and a confirmation of the idea of the solar project Desertec, which wanted to make use of the Sun in the Sahara for the generation of electricity. Desertec only as a consultant company today operates.

World Largest Solar Thermal Power Plant
The solar power station is Noor 1 in Sahara desert southern of Morocco. 570,000 parabolic mirrors focus sunlight. The mirrors come from Germany, the first block of the power plant has a capacity of 160 MW. Photo: ACWA power

Noor of Saudi ACWA investor and the German Development Bank KfW is financed. That could be a reason for the participation of several German companies. In addition to the glass specialists Flabeg, which produces the parade and now belongs to ACWA, Siemens to supply the turbines, the liquid salt comes from BASF, German engineers monitor the construction work.

Solar power plant produces electricity at night

The now consecrated block Noor 1 and the already under construction complex Noor 2 consist of moving parabolic mirrors, which always optimally bundle the sunlight on a tube in the liquid salt on almost 400 ° C is heated. The produced steam drives a turbine. The method has the advantage that the energy is can be stored for up to three hours. Thus, the electricity production even in darkness can be continued still.

Noor 3 is planned as a solar power Tower plant. While sunlight is concentrated by all levels of the field in a tower. Noor 4 will work as a last and only block with solar cells. The call for tenders is currently running.