World Highest Buildings Ranking

Who is right in front of the Cologne Cathedral, feels its 157 m to Tower ends as daunting. However, for the high-altitude fighter of the modern age, this is downright ridiculous. The current tallest building in the world is more than five times – and will be quite soon going on the record.

World Highest Buildings Ranking by size and volume

If one is asked for the highest House of the world and says: the Empire State Building – then you realise that you are somewhat older. With its 443 m, including roof antenna gave the building the world record while over 40 years, it is again going on but since 1972. Today the new ranks York high-rise just again at position 17 in the world rankings. Ever got off the United States from the race, the record hunting takes place in Asia. The ten currently tallest buildings in the world:

Burj Khalifa (building website)

With 828 m lone leader is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Opened five years ago, he collected a dozen records, including for the highest usable floor with the number 163. More than 1 billion $ to the construction cost, requiring some record-setting innovations in the engineering.

World Highest Buildings Ranking
Burj Khalifa in Dubai: 828 m is the skyscraper of world’s lone frontrunner.

So high-performance concrete pumps are designed for this building for the liquid building materials not on the way to firmly upwards. World Highest Buildings Ranking overall, more than 200,000 m3 concrete and steel were used.

Tokyo SkyTree Tower (building website)

The sky tree in the Japanese capital, however, has the most poetic name. However, with 634 m, he is more than a cathedral-height behind the Burj Khalifa.

World Highest Buildings Ranking
Tokyo sky tree: The 634 m high tower is the second tallest building in the world.

Its builders had however neither records nor divine proximity in mind: the sky tree is a TV Tower, which was built just so high that its signal is not bothered by the other high-rise buildings in the vicinity.

Shanghai Tower (building website)

Very close behind is the Shanghai Tower 632 m high, the tallest building in China. In contrast to the Tokyo Tower, he is a real residential and office buildings and is located in this category so ranked two in the world rankings.

World Highest Buildings Ranking
Construction of the Shanghai towers: 632 m, the residential tower is the tallest building in China.

It differs from the top of Burj Khalifa, where energy consumption is irrelevant, especially its environmental concept: wind turbines provide electricity, the special design of the facade with a double wall to make an elaborate air conditioning unnecessary.

Mecca Royal Clock Tower Hotel (building website)

Fourth on World Highest Buildings Ranking is building that serves as the hotel with currently: 120 floors spread over 601 m. The skyscraper is part of a modern ensemble, which is located right next to the famous mosque in the place of pilgrimage Mecca.

World Trade Center Memorial in New York City
The new World Trade Center is 541 m high. Skyscraper seven place in the ranking of the highest.

Canton Tower (building website)

In turn just barely behind it lies the Canton Tower in Guangzhou. The second tallest building in China, five years ago opened, is 600 metres high and serves as a TV Tower and tourist attraction.

World Highest Buildings Ranking
Lit up bridge and Canton Tower