Published On: Tue, Dec 15th, 2015

World community wants to decrease standards on green gases

The world wants to get serious now with the limitation of CO2 emissions and the warming of the Earth: the world climate conference in Paris agreed to a contract that is to limit warming to 1.5 degrees. In the second half of the century, emissions should be reduced of greenhouse gases to zero.“I look around, see only positive reactions, there is no contradiction,” said French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius as Conference Chairman of the world climate summit in Paris, before he sealed the historic unification of the world at exactly 19:24 as an auctioneer by hammer blow on Saturday night. “The agreement of Paris is accepted.” And then, an indescribable cheering broke out among the delegates of the 195 States which had struggled hard in the past two weeks to nearly every word in the draft Treaty.

COP21 Climate Change Conference

Nobody had reckoned on a so ambitious outcome document in advance of the world climate conference in Paris. Atendents: UN climate Chief Christiana Figueres, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, French Foreign Minister and Konzerenzchef Laurent Fabius and French President Francois hollande.

A year ago at the climate change conference in Lima’s appeared yet not that Paris would bring such a breakthrough.
Global warming should be limited to 1.5 degrees Celsius

Now adopted framework Convention on climate change are the target, to limit by man-made global warming compared to pre-industrial times “well below 2 degrees” Celsius. On demand particularly from climate change of threatened island States, even the target is named, to stop the global warming of the Earth at 1.5 ° C in the Treaty. That is very ambitious: because increased the global temperature by 1 ° C since pre-industrial times.

“With the climate treaty adopted today the entire world community committed itself for the first time to act”, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced late on Saturday night. “Despite the fact that much more work ahead of us, this is a sign of hope that we succeed to secure the lives of billions of people in the future.”

Industrial countries gives $100 billion till 2020 to reduce temperature less 1,5 degrees.

To ensure that the climate objectives will also be achieved, all States must submit appropriate plans. The industrialized countries should use concrete, quantified targets to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions, the other countries are under the Treaty only “encouraged”.

COP21 Demonstration

Demonstration in Paris for a success of the World Climate Conference: all countries must up 2018 plans present, how they want to reach the climate goals.

2018, the United Nations will undertake a first review whether the plans of the States meet. Then, this check is repeated every five years.

So, a balance will be reached in the second half of the century between the manmade emissions of greenhouse gases and the ability of so-called sinks to absorb carbon. These are mainly forests, but also underground carbon dioxide storage.

In the climate Treaty laid down is also the promise of the industrialized countries, the countries of the South every year 100 billion $ to provide for climate protection and adaptation to climate change. This enormous sum should be only the base value for the period after 2020. A new number “will be set at the latest by 2025”, it says in the resolution on the Treaty text.

US Republicans acts against the climate agreement

The absence of figures has a reason: because then the Treaty would have must be brought to the Republican-dominated Congress in the United States. And this would probably be discarded this agreement. Because the Republicans have been very critical to the agreement and have even announced to want to undo it.