Published On: Fri, Feb 19th, 2016

With Cheating Software After Update, Consumption Increases, Performance Remains Constant

The good news first: The engine and driving performance of the manipulated VW diesel models remain constant even after the update in the workshop. However: The consumption is increasing. The first test shows the magazine Auto Motor Sport with two VW Amarok before and after the update.Many experts and motorists fear that your VW is no longer the same, if Volkswagen update the cheat software to comply with emissions. Fear above all reduced services and higher consumption. Now there with a first test of the engineers of the Auto Motor Sport two VW Amarok, which were already equipped with the new software in the workshop.

Performance remains good, consumption increases half litre.

Result: The performance remains the same, however the consumption increases. Annoying: Despite the effort, NOx emissions not goes back, but remains.

There, the question arises: what actually has the environment of all the excitement and the update?

auto motor and sport of the British analysis company of emission Analytics specialists hired to two VW Amarok before and after the update extensively to test. 8000 copies of the large truck are affected by the exhaust gas scandal in Germany and must be upgraded. The Amarok is the first car that gets VW in workshops. By car, the Group wants to gain experience if the solutions work, VW engineers have developed.

Elasticity values of updated cars are slightly better

Editorial staff has privately worried by ams readers both vehicles. They are driven by the scandal motor EA189 (2.0 TDI with 163 HP) and were equipped with cheat software. The driving behavior before and after the update on the road, the fuel consumption and exhaust gas values and all performance values of the vehicle have been checked.

Amazing: The power of the engine remains the same practically despite update.

Despite the altered motor control performance and driving impression were even improved slightly from both vehicles in some areas, reports Auto Motor Sport. In a test car’s performance increased from 166 to 169 hp, while the other remained with 165 hp the same, while the maximum torque increased by two or four Newton meters. The elasticity values ​​(acceleration from 60 to 100 km / h in fifth and sixth gear) fell out rather better.

Nitrogen oxide values ​​change with no surprise.

In the nitrogen oxide emissions, the modified software also has no measurable effect. However, this is annoying. Why all the effort, if not improve nitric oxide levels? The test came in Amaroks test beforehand as in later cut to 1.5 g NOx per kilometer. However, the same increased consumption of the test car. On the modified Auto Motor Sport round with city traffic, road and highway consumption increased during the first Amarok 0.7 liters from 8.2 to 8.9 liters, the second model by 0.5 liters per 100 kilometers ,

This shows that the environment has nothing of the update. On the contrary: The cars now meet the legal requirements, consume more diesel and therefore emit more greenhouse gas CO2 into the environment. After all, expect the engineers at Auto Motor Sport that the additional consumption in other affected VW models. Because they are much lighter and more aerodynamic.


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