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Winston Churchill’s Dirty Little Secret

Many of the published documents claims that former British Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill, commissioned to carry out a secret investigation of the UFO. Quite a few also indicates that he also considered the operation to hide evidence of alien life forms.

Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom was responsible for the creation of a group of scientists, which was called “The Flying Saucer Working Party“. Their task was to explain the increasing number of UFO sightings. Interestingly, the official report take into account numerous observations outside the British Isles, including the phenomenon from Washington from 1952. I mean, of course, the famous incident, in which a whole armada of mysterious objects was noticed during the flight over the capital of the United States.

These objects have been captured by radar around the world, but their origin remains unknown. According to the official version, the U.S. Air Force fighters were used for the flight by two weekends in a row, because radar military receive numerous unidentified objects moving in the restricted zone over the White House.

At the end of World War II the British RAF pilots also have reported encounters with the mysterious vehicles which was named “Foo Fighters”. Many people thought that these mysterious objects were an example of highly developed a secret weapon being developed by the Nazis, however, has never been taken deeper research on this issue. Only those event from Washington relied transfer Goblet bitterness.

In response, on July 18, 1952, Winston Churchill wrote to the Minister of Aviation, a note asking for urgent investigation. The result was the aforementioned secret band The Flying Saucer Working Party. He admitted he apparently, that it cannot be ruled out, “the flying objects have an extraterrestrial origin.” However, at the same time, the researchers found that much more likely it is that the alleged UFO sightings were ordinary aircraft, balloons, birds, or some form of natural phenomena that have been misinterpreted.

Thus, studies on this topic have been lost until 1999, when the grandson of a retired RAF officer wrote a letter to the Ministry of Defence, asking about one of the cases, contact with UFOs, which had to be classify on behalf of the Churchill. British Prime Minister reportedly ordered to the incident remained a mystery, because the public could cause mass panic and destruction of faith in God. This event seems to confirm other reports, according to which Churchill on his deathbed confessed to his personal security guard, that at the time of his reign, falsify documents about UFO sightings over the United Kingdom.