Wind Cooled Mega Servers in Iceland

Probably rarely as elegant got the design for a building for the mass storage of data such as the “data” Tower of two Italian architects. At full capacity tower at 300 m altitude could accommodate 400,000 Servers. The Icelandic wind provides the cooling.

The amount of data that worldwide rushes through the network, is increasing rapidly and requires more disk space on computers, smart-phones, tablets and especially in central data centers. Previously these physical locations where the servers of many companies, architecturally pure functional buildings. Two young Italian architects want to change that with their design for a data Tower.

Modular data Tower grows with the required space

In the annual competition for the best conceptual building designs, eVolo aligns the American magazine, Valeria Mercuri and Marco Merletti snatched the third prize to. “The largest data centers in the world are between 35,000 and 100,000 square meters in size and take a lot of space,” say the architects and have therefore planned its vertical data center.

Wind Cooled Mega Servers Iceland
The heat of the server is derived by the wind towers flowing through the hollow core of the data. Photo: eVolo skyscraper competition

Starting from the idea of a motherboard that has been rolled up into a cylinder, was the shape of the tower which is hollow inside. 24 steel pillars on which hardware components can be docked bring stability. Because the Tower architecture is modular in design, the building can be initially quite low and always continue to grow with increasing space requirements, and record additional floors. Full grown from the tower would be 300 m high and provide 400,000 servers space.

The heat radiation of the server is automatically derived upwards

The shaft in the Interior of the Tower has two functions. One can each server for the purpose of maintenance or exchange of small elevators be reached directly and brought down to the control panel. On the other hand, the shaft acts as a huge fireplace, in which the heat radiation of the server is automatically led upwards.

In part, this heat is intercepted and used for heating of laboratories, offices and smaller greenhouses in the immediate vicinity. Because from the outside, plenty cool air encounters the Tower, the high costs incurred in conventional surface data centers for the necessary cooling of the machine can be reduced significantly.

As the ideal site for one or more data towers Mercuri and Merletti Iceland imagine. Here is “clean energy and low cost factor”. The entire needed electricity would purchase Islands power from geothermal and hydroelectric plants. Also located in the basement of the Tower an additional cooling and energy system, which starts in case of emergency or in particularly hot summers, when the natural cooling is not sufficient.

Projects for New York show 1st and 2nd place in the competition of high-rise building

In addition to the data Tower in Iceland, two high-rise projects in New York have won the two first places in the skyscraper competition. A bold vision of a vertical pro-Western high-rise architecture around the Central Park occupies the 1st place. For her project “New York Horizon”, the American architect Yitan Sun and Jianshi Wu want to lower the Park and turn into a dramatic landscape on which the surrounding high-rise architecture can be seen down.

Americans Hadeel Ayed Mohammed, Zhao Yifeng and Chengda Zhu received second place for their “hive”. The project is a vertical control Terminal, which provides the infrastructure, the use of drones in the everyday life of New York citizens to incorporate. In the Center stands a control tower, which serves as a hub for trade in drones.

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