Alcohol Carters Block Legalization Of Marijuana

Wikileaks: Alcohol carters block legalization of marijuana

Many countries around the world, including in EU, continues in the best explain the dispute for the legalization of marijuana, not only for medicinal purposes, but also for recreational activities. All indications are that the boycott of the legalization of marijuana involved are the world’s largest corporations.Such conclusions can be drawn from the data published by the popular website to refute conspiracies, namely WikiLeaks.

Managed to find the content of the daily newsletter Huddle with 24 may 2016, in which you can read a paid ad from Wine & Spirits Wholesealers of America (WSWA), a worldwide association of sellers of wine and spirits. It had, inter alia, to the politicians, and the Tableau fridge congressmen.

“WSWA believes that the United States to decriminalise marijuana should ensure appropriate and effective laws to protect the public from the dangers of misuse and abuse. In years when the State legalized the use of medical marijuana in Colorado, law enforcement officers documented a significant increase in the number of fatal accidents, in which the perpetrators were under the influence of marijuana”.

Staging data for private use

In this way, the WSWA wanted politicians opposed to the legalization of marijuana through that as a result of its introduction on the roads started to a much larger number of accidents. Naturally there was no mention of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Alcohol Carters Block Legalization Of Marijuana

Even in 2014, the Washington Post has taken such a topic. The newspaper compared the data a few years back and found that the “number of deaths on the roads in Colorado reached a historic minimum”. According to the data, 2014 was the safest period on the road in Colorado since at least 2002.

The great opposition and actions of corporations and associations of wine and spirit retailers for the legalization of marijuana is hardly surprising. How to show data from the Department of Revenue State of Colorado, legal marijuana has become a boon for the State, and one of the most important elements of recreation for the population.

Colorado state is making money on marijuana

In the last fiscal year, tax revenues from the sale of marijuana have exceeded the income from taxes on the sale of alcohol. Colorado earned nearly $70 million from taxes on the sale of marijuana, which is almost two times more than from sales of the alcohol as much as 42 million dollars.