Why engineers love camping hi-tech?

Camping is popular, alone growing up sucks. Especially when it’s raining. A Briton has now developed the largest pop up tent of the world, which stands in a matter of seconds. It also offers solar power, LEDs, and heat protection. And the pegs and guy ropes glow in the night.

Yes we know that virtually all large open-air festivals in the water have fallen this year, row after row, people were injured by lightning. These are the risks of living under the open sky, real campers are hardened off. When the tent is set once, the sun rises in the heart. Only: Until then the nerves are often bare. That has annoyed also Jake Jackson from Lancashire in the United Kingdom for years. The enthusiastic festival goers has developed the ultimate pop up tent: the cinch! It builds itself virtually alone on. In the video of the presentation, Jackson needs just three handles to the tent stands.

canopy to be purchased optionally quite enormously
The pop up tent cinch!: the canopy to be purchased optionally quite enormously increases the usable area. Photo: Jake Jackson

Heat-reflective coating

And RCA! offers a number of tools which every camper’s heart beat faster. As a heat-reflective coating. To wake up in the morning damp a thing of the past. The tent has a double skin, to avoid condensation. Also good: The tent floor is extra thick and all the tent seams are double stitched. Who ever has annoyed about leaking seams, understands the meaning of the double seam on right off the bat. The outer skin of the black-green tent with two entrances consists of a 4000HH-Textilie, which is the industry standard for covers three times according to Jackson, is so extremely waterproof.

The pop up tent cinch
The pop up tent cinch!: the canopy to be purchased optionally quite enormously increases the usable area. Photo: Jake Jackson

Solar Panel and battery as extra

The cinch! the tent of the 21st century, where the campers want to live out there without being sidelined: Smartphone and tablet today to the camping equipment include, already to tell friends in the social networks of the great sunset. That has the RCA! an additional optional solar panel on offer. This is easily attached on the tent roof and secured with a combination lock.

2-person version
The RCA cost at least 170 British pounds! in the 2-person version. The 4-person tent is available for 210 British pound. Photo: Jake Jackson

The storage device the size of a Smartphone has two USB ports to charge the device. Who likes taking walks by the campsite can also simply plug this battery in your pocket. Jackson promises that the 13,000 mAh battery stores enough energy to recharge an iPhone six times. Well 80 Eurokostet this solar Combi pack extra.

Three sizes available

The cinch! available in three sizes as 2, 3, or 4 person tent. The smallest variant comes to a length of 3.36 m with a width of 1.8 m and a height of 1.26 m. The largest version is 4.1 m long, 2.6 m wide and 1.6 metres high. This RCA has put together! a diameter of 90 cm and weighs 9 lbs. The 2-person tent comes packaged on a diameter of 70 cm and weighs 5 kg. There is a large canopy, which increases the living space by a further 75% for 40 British pounds on top of it.

Illuminated pegs

A highlight is the illumination of the tent. The pegs are fitted with LED’s and the guy ropes are made of a reflective material. Each cinch! comes with two LED lights, which can be transformed into hanging lanterns.

In the dark through the grounds looking after the tent to be mistaken, is expected to then stumble over the guy ropes with this equipment also of the past. It all seems to please many people. 1,341 supporters 366.905 British pound donated on Kickstarter, thus the cinch! will be produced.

Video source: cinchpopuptents

That is not only much more than needed, the tent with the exclamation point is also one of the fastest projects of Crowdfunding platform.

And here you will find details on a tent, which decomposes to use environmentally friendly. Also this invention comes from United Kingdom, comes from an architect. The bubble tent from the United States is pretty crazy. This tent to blow up is transparent. Look yourself.

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