Joke of the day

What would happen if the atomic bomb had exploded in Brussels?

What would be the consequences of this weapon of mass destruction? The simulation will show us the consequences if a bomb of 15 megaton fell on Brussels.  The scale of the damage would be huge and continues until there would be a lot further than the center of the city.

At the point of detonation of cargo would have produced a crater with a diameter of less than 1 km right above it, at the time just 0.001 second, there would be a ball of fire with a diameter of less than 3 km the temperature inside it would have as many as 10 million degrees Celsius, which is more than the temperature on the surface of the Sun.

Within a radius of 6 km from the outbreak had spread to a shock wave, which in its way it destroyed absolutely everything, buildings and even shelters. Within a radius of 8 km the temperature would be so large that even cars will melt.

Within a radius of 11 km from the site of detonation wind raised by the explosion would have achieved a speed of approximately 300 km/h. Without any problem trees will fall, power lines and weaker buildings. The magnitude of the devastation will be obviously huge however, consequences will reach a lot further.

Within a radius of 22 km the temperature would be still so high that that would take up wooden constructions, furniture, clothes-was made by the same giant fire, which will consume the entire oxygen resources of the area removing air from the chests.