Webinars and Software simulation: COMSOL

Webinar are becoming more popular this days. Many engineers are still doing math in hand exposing to not count for more vectors appearing in the usually simulation. Easily and quickly simulation gives better results than week with the calculator and pencil sharper. More and more engineers use simulation to their plans. Software that especially deserve attention: COMSOL, shows that this is not complicated to introduce all forces, materials and shapes into detailed meshed analyse.

Computer simulations are not new in engineering. Already in the sixties were simulations used in the Apollo project. Over the years this has been further developed to simulations for electronics, fluid dynamics etc. Computer simulations are still seen by many as rocket science. Webinar, however, let us see that there is now no reason for. Anyone can engineer with computer simulations.

In the webinar we go as the crow flies by the development of simulations. We address a number of specific examples, live demonstrations and sketch out the future. Of course, there is the opportunity to ask questions.

After participating in the webinar is it possible that COMSOL will contact you. When you register you automatically gives permission for this activity. It is worth it, software is cheap end extremely useful no-matter to your current project.

Upcoming Events. Click here to view Archived Webinars, which can be viewed on demand.

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