We have a screens made of aluminum pixels

Have you noticed how the screen of your device again-be a cell phone, a tablet or computer-seems to be much better than the screen of your old appliance?It is real, and it’s not just because of technological advancement. As much as I have advanced, the current screens suffer from a problem known as photochemical destruction, which causes smashing colors over time.

To manufacture fabrics whose colors will fade with time, researchers are now focusing their attention on manufacturing of pixels, improving brightness, since the colors generated by them originally are dimmed and dark.

Pixels from aluminum

The aluminum nanoparticles are very cheap and can be manufactured in dimensions, that means the possibility of increasing the resolution of screens. The pixel is formed simply by adding aluminum nanoparticles, the color that it will produce will depend on the arrangement of the this nanoparticles.

This is because they produce colors thanks to quasi-particles known as plasmons. The color is generated when light falls on the pixels, producing the so-called Plasmon resonance.

Vibrant colors and We have a screens made of aluminum pixels

To produce pixels with vibrant colors, Jana Olson and his colleagues of New Mexico, Rice and Universities in the United States, explored additional phenomenon, now called interference of Fano, Fano resonance, or an interaction between the Plasmon resonance and the physical structure of the pixel itself.

The team has already managed to manufacture pixels with vivid colors throughout the red and blue spectrum.

Although the entire visible spectrum is already being generated by pixels-the team built a full demo with them-now find the appropriate structure for that green band also win the brightness already reached by the other basic colors of the RGB system.

Getting it, according to the team, there is no longer any obstacle to the adoption of the pixels on an industrial scale aluminum.

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  1. i doubt that this technology market will shake the market. most likly holograms will pop and all the rest drop to shadows

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