Curiosity latest photos indicate floating water on Mars

Scientists from NASA believe that the water on Mars is boiled in rivers and more likely lakes, which has a big impact on the environment. 

Billions of years ago on Mars were the tanks of liquid water exists inside Gale crater. Today our robot Curiosity travels in so called “Boiled Lakes”. It is very likely that even today there is liquid water on Mars. This is not, however, the constant presence of water, and only a brief movement in small Martian rows, located on the slopes of some craters. The following recording presents a few of these regions, which can be shaped by flowing water (it is worth to add, that there are also other explanations for these changes,  interaction of the substrate with the “dry ice”).

Scientists at the British Open University also believe that Mars melt water boiling. To this conclusion came as a result of a series of tests with water and simulated ground under reduced pressure.Under these conditions, the boiling water is able to affect the material of the substrate, causing movement of the ground for some distance.

Phenomena have been observed on many of Martian rows.

Liquid water on the Red Planet is not traced. If indeed there is today, will be more likely in form of ice, which is a liquid cost-effectiveness of its properties at a lower pressure and temperature than pure water. This allows small quantities of brine to move greater distances than would not be possible without clean water.

Researchers from the Open University suggest that the relatively small amount of brine melts and then soaks. This may indicate that Mars is little or almost no available liquid water for any form of life.