Watch for Blind People Reads Books

Watch for Blind People Reads Books. A young South Korean company has developed the first Braille generator, which is worn on the wrist. The texts via Bluetooth Smartphone or eBooks recorded.

Watch for Blind People Reads Books
Dot Watch: The smart wristwatch translate stored text from Smartphone or an eBook in Braille. In addition helping integrated integrated gyroscope give balance position. Photo: Dot

The digital age has left left blind. Smartphones and e-books can only restricted or not use them. That will change now. The South Korean company dot has developed a wristwatch, on whose display no letters and numbers appear, but small extendable stamp, the blind can read and feel.

It’s the Braille font that allows blind people to read letters and numbers. But so far they do not have too much of this ability. Just one percent of all the books there are in Braille, because the production is very expensive. The small increases be pushed with stamps in thick paper. Such fonts are correspondingly difficult.

Piezoelectric actuators move the stamp

Watch for Blind People Reads Books-featureThe dot watch, as the company calls its product, translated texts that are stored, for example, on a Smartphone or an eBook in Braille. The storage medium must have about a Bluetooth transmitter. Piezoelectric actuators push out the stamps from the dial. The reading speed can be adjusted.

Braille Manager included

The device also features a training function that helps blind people to learn Braille. Many prematurely quit because devices that transfer printed texts in Braille, cost far more than €1000.

The dot watch to it for just under $300 is so affordable for most people. Via the Internet you can pre-order already. Deliveries will begin in the year 2016.

The battery lasts for 10 hours. Simple USB charges in 45 min.

The dot watch also has a clock and alarm function and can be used as a notebook. In addition, a gyroscope that helps move is integrated. The housing is made of aluminium. It has a diameter of 42 mm and is all twelve millimeters thick. The lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 400 miliampers hours (mAh) is enough for a ten-hour reading mode. The device is compatible with the iOS and Android operating systems.

As reported by the website worthy, was a personal experience of the dot’s founder Eric Yoon Kim the decisive factor for the development of the dot watch. Once, he met a young blind man who wanted to read the Bible. To do this, he needed 20 volumes in Braille. “We try to reduce the invisible discrimination against blind, we make them accessible information”