House Wife Competitor: Wash Machine and Iron in ONE!

And if so give yourself peace of mind with dry cleaning, ironing and clothes refresh? If we were just able to wear any shirt, dress or jacket right out of the closet? Fresh, fragrant and well iron.

Please, what’s the problem? You really like to dream? Many person would like to have the “magic closet” in his home. And it’s not a fairy tale on our market, in the end of this year you get a device that will give us a glimpse of this beautiful sounding.

LG during the 2016 InnoFest organized in European premiere with Signature line of products that has a new series “city center” 20-year warranty. Most interest and cheered us completely different information.

This miracle come with dry-cleaning functions

Well, LG decided to finally, after much media pressure, to introduce the device Styler on the European market. This is the only device of its kind no other manufacturer does not have similar equipment in its offer. Now there is a chance that will appear on the market.

LG Styler is a system to cultivate. It has a variety of technologies (including steam room), which reduce the creases of clothes and remove unpleasant odors from it and small spots. Of course, in the case of larger dirt and so we will have to use the traditional washing machines, but if you are talking about the ordinary refresh is ardently kept at clothing, Styler is perfect. Thanks to him the clothing no longer retains its original appearance, and users can limit the use of cost sometimes a dry-cleaning service.


As result on e-emergence of Styler in Europe and LG. We saw it during CES, IFA, InnoFest, etc, but still had to be considered as an interesting technology. However, better late than never, because even at the IFA in Berlin by 2015 if the Conference LG InnoFest in February last year, the manufacturer claimed that there are no plans to put the Styler on EU market. However, he changed his mind.

Compact design and high-efficiency

Styler is in fact a device that many would like to have in your home. “Wardrobe” would also be ideal for use in offices or hotels. You do not need to hide that people generally appreciate the comfort and convenience, each device that does us in unpopular actions, such as laundry or Ironing Service, deserves attention.

The appearance of the device somewhat resembles something between a refrigerator and wardrobe. In the middle there are five “dancing” coat hooks on which you can hang a jacket, shirt, dress, t-shirt and other garments. Action cabinets LG Styler relies mainly on the steam Refresh function, which uses steam and the movements of the hanger. Couple helps maintain fresh appearance, removing odors and dust, while the mobile hanger gently shakes the clothes, which removes creases. In addition to removing odors can also use Aroma Spray, which sprays the fragrance selected by the user. In other words, for two hours before you go to work or for a meeting or for the whole night we can hang in Styler clothes, what we want to wear, use Aroma Spray and for some time to come out to your home or hotel in the fresh and fragrant. Without washing, drying and ironing.

Quiet, but a bit expensive

LG Styler has an elegant finish. Not really conspicuous. Is a narrow, so there should be no problem with setting it up in smaller homes or bathroom with a very impressive sizes. The front panel with a delicate touch back-lighting allows you to control all functions. It is important that the Styler is also quite: noise during operation is 40 dB.


Styler so far was only available on the us market, Korea and China. In the end, LG decided to experiment in Europe. Depending on the success of “refreshing cabinets”, will appear in the following countries. Whether or not to buy the Styler, will be the subject of interest in Germany and the Czech Republic.

Lets wait for better price, no rush…

Of course, the laziness comes at a price, which with comfort and convenience to grow. The device, which we describe in fact will not be cheap, but on the other hand, the price is not so very prohibitive. It is not known yet, exactly how much you will have to pay for Styler, but it says the price above the 1k euro, but certainly less than 2k. It is very possible that it will be “tailored to the market”. Would you give 4-5 thousand dollars for such a bauble? Probably worth to put it for a while aside. Detailed information about the availability, distribution and pricing will be announced at IFA in Berlin in 2016. These will be held in September.