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This wallet charges your smartphone

With solar energy
Two things are always carried with you on your way: the wallet and the smartphone.

How convenient would it be if the cell phone could be charged with the wallet? And indeed there is already, the Solar Wallet with charging function.

With the solar Wallet called wallet, its owner has almost always a kind reserve server for the smartphone.

A very stylish!

The Italian wallet made of soft calf leather does not suggest that intelligent circuits, charging cables and a renewable energy source are stuck in it: with 13 mm, it is quite slim and weighs only 87 g.

Increase battery life by 10 hours

The solar panel (50 milliampere) does not necessarily need sunshine, but can use any light source to supply the battery with electricity.

If you do not want to worry about recharging while you are on the road, you can recharge the ultra thin lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 1,500 mAh at home via USB, simultaneously with your smartphone.

Then the “tank” of most smartphones directly would be half full.

According to Lucca Bozzi, the battery should be extended by ten hours. Solar Wallet can charge both Android phones and iPhones.

Protected against data gadgets

A special coating of the wallet ensures more security: it prevents the RFID data from ID cards or credit cards.

The idea for the energy delivering wallet comes from Lucca Bozzi, a company based in San Francisco that designs Italian leather goods.

The Solar Wallet presents Lucca Bozzi on kickstarter.

US $ 5,000 was the financing target. Already nearly 500 supporters have brought together more than 60,000 US dollars.

The campaign is by no means the end of the campaign, which runs until 4 June.

This makes it clear: the Solar wallet comes onto the market. The first copies will be delivered in December.

Supporters receive it for 99 US dollars. It will cost about twice as much.

An equally unusual idea also had design students. They integrated thermoelectric generators into a table in the Ikea Research Laboratory.

When heated, such as by hot cups, they generated electricity that is wirelessly transmitted to mobile devices.

And at the University of Texas in Austin, a battery was developed which should be charged in just one minute.

There is not even time to drink a coffee.

In any case, looking pretty is the cyborg rose developed by Swedish scientists, which saves electricity.

And can be unloaded and unloaded hundreds of times. With the current, for example, it could drive sensors.

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