Wall Cimbing Remote Car VertiGo (Zurich)

In the science Fantay the actors race matrix spectacularly the walls up. It was only with sophisticated trick technology. Now engineers in Zurich have unveiled a robot vehicle, can do exactly that: VertiGo continues without tricks walls along and uses the laws of physics it simply just sent.

The Disney Corporation with its film spin-offs of Pixar Animation Studios and Lucasfilm created so cute characters such as the cleaning robot wall-E and the ball robot unit BB 8 out of the latest Star Wars adventure. But as VertiGo, the American media group not in the offer had one so far.

Wall Climbing Remote Car
VertiGo can easily climb there are obstacles on the wall beams. Theoretically, VertiGo can drive thanks to the two propellers even on the ceiling along.

VertiGo boots up the walls in the sense of the word. Disney’s Research Department has developed the robot research Zurich of the Walt Disney Company in cooperation with the ETH Zurich.

The researchers model cars have cribbed the suspension of the wheels. The wheels are mounted with a double wishbone, to achieve a degree of flexibility. VertiGo is directed with the two front wheels, the rear wheels are fixed. The four wheels do not have a drive, but the two propellers are alone responsible.

Propeller can be controlled independently of each other

They are mounted with a two-core Gimbals on the base plate of the VertiGo. Integrated servo motors enable, independently of each other to be able to move the inner and outer ring of the propeller. This maximum flexibility, the researchers can generate sufficient force in any direction at the bottom forward and perpendicular to the walls to drive. VertiGo has eight individually-controlled actuators.

Wall Cimbing Remote Car
Wall Climbing Remote Car. Vertigo by Disney

VertiGo has a small computer on board for the control. With his help, two infrared distance sensors and a six-axle so-called IMU chip determines the exact position of the vehicle in the area. Based on this location information, the control then designs the best positions for all actuators. Similar to like a model car, VertiGo is remote controlled by a human. The agile vehicle can be used for rescue purposes and are used in the future as a radio-controlled car.

The idea about propeller to push a vehicle on walls and ceilings, is of course not brand new. So, engineers of ETH Zurich have developed already a robot, who drives on the underside of bridges along, to investigate the condition of the concrete. And also because propeller provide the necessary contact pressure.