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Published On: Wed, Oct 12th, 2016

VW Praised Improvement: “We Want to Trick Less”

The statutory provisions provide a lot of room for exhaust tests. VW will now no longer entirely exploit the, to get “more realistic” values. Why but not “realistic”?

Group CEO Matthias Müller

Executives from VW as Group CEO Matthias Müller (2.v.l.) want to cheat in future the consumption data of less fuel consumption tests, and legal. Photo: Volkswagen

A man who lied to his wife for years, promises to lie to her in the future a little less. What does the wife there?

I guess not. Rather skeptical, because even the VW customers should respond to the message, that the car-maker will refrain from future fully to exploit the legal scope at the exhaust tests. “Not up to the last screw”, it means according to the uncontested from WDR, NDR, and southern German newspaper now in Wolfsburg. And that you would identify “realistic CO2 values”.

Pressure is on the whole industry, VW is eaten alive.

This new strategy will affect immediately. So VW will introduce soon reprints of models, where the carbon-dioxide emissions and yes the consumption is directly related higher lay than in the predecessor. The average of two grams per kilometer, even around six grams higher in the SUV case. That sounds not like is very much, but also not to neglect, as it means a two to three percent higher fuel consumption than before depending on the model. Or rather: as previously believed.

Photo: Volkswagen

Exhibition at the transparent factory in Dresden: the consumption information will increase in the future between two and six grams of CO2 per kilometre. Photo: Volkswagen

In addition, that each gram of pressure on the entire car industry grows more honesty. Because in about five years, the average consumption of all models of a manufacturer according to EU standard must be no more than 95 g of CO2 per kilometre. The Polo reached such values among the mass market cars by VW just anyway, according to previous data. And manufacturers such as BMW and Mercedes have much bigger problems with the fleet policy, because for them the athletes and SUV’a limousines share is much higher.

Tricks lays in tires and air conditioning

Industry experts believe, therefore, that VW this is a strategy to narrow Ridge: on the one hand to burnish the image after the scandal of diesel, on the other hand increase the innovation pressure not too much. Remains questionable but anyway, how far the trust campaign is really about. So far, it is said VW has used, usual, all legal possibilities as in the sector, down the consumption to the test. There half worn tires had been raised to minimize rolling resistance, or the air conditioning system that uses energy even when switched off, was expanded.

VW wants to burnish its image

VW wants to burnish its image with more realistic consumption data.
Photo: Volkswagen

Also specially trained drivers are employed, their driving usual not corresponded to the on the road. What can make this behavior, suggests anyway, advertising of ADAC for the training on the fuel-saving driving that promises up to 20 per cent reduction.

In addition according to the German, that after all tests still a reduction of four percent is legally possible, similar as the speed control of the police, which provides lump-sum tolerances. VW wants to use this discount only to the half. How big the discrepancy between manufacturer’s specifications and the truth probably will be?

An engineer had betrayed last year what tricks VW so far, applied to push CO2 levels down. A very exciting report. But also the measurement results show that VW is not the only manufacturer that excites the legal leeway to the border, on behalf of the Federal Ministry of transport. Therefore, 30 cars of other brands emit too much CO2 and consume considerably more fuel than indicated thus.


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