VW Pays only 60e per Engine Upgrade

VW launched recall of diesel vehicles affected by the scandal on the exhaust gas emission. Owners are committed to convert their car. Can you get a car? We tell you what you need to know now.

Just under a quarter moved to become aware of manipulation of exhaust gas in the country. Now the (KBA) Federal Motor Transport Authority in germany has given the green light. Volkswagen begins with the recall of approximately 2.5 million diesel vehicles with the scandal motor EA 189, which is installed in Audi, Seat and Skoda models.

How do I know when I’m going to the shop?

VW informed the owners of the affected vehicles by mail. The Group obtains the addresses by the KBA. When you can expect? It’s hard to say, because VW not uniformly associates the callback shafts by brand and model families. So, it may be that the company writes, for example, customers of the affected Golf models at different times.

VW Owners FAQ due to Scandal
Flow straightener plastic tube with a grid to replace the VW exhaust problems. The installation should take less than an hour.

The beginning of the recall but is uniform: first must in Germany around 8000 owners of the pick-ups of Amarok 2.0 TDI in the workshop, which earlier in the week has written to VW. At the earliest beginning of February the winds will then follow. Audi followed the callback with an engine variant of the 2.0 TDI in A4 by early March, the 1.6 l engines probably from September. The 1.2 litre engines VW wants to take in 2016 from the end of the second quarter, the 1.6 l engines from the third quarter in the autumn.

Am I obliged to convert my car?

Even without upgrading the affected vehicles are roadworthy. As a result many owners tempted just to keep going. But they do that? No, they are required to convert their car. Otherwise the type-approval of the vehicle could expire in doubt.

VW Amarok in the Volkswagen
VW Amarok in the Volkswagen commercial vehicle factory in Hanover. In Germany 8,000 copies of the pick-up needs workshop software updates.

But that does not mean that owners need to immediately arrange a workshop visit. Although VW advertises for a quick visit in one of the approximately 2200 car dealers and repairers, but patients can wait.

How long takes the conversion?

How long is the visit of the workshop, depends on the engine type. The engines with 1.2 and 2.0 l displacement are relatively easy to convert. It’s enough a simple software update, which should take, depending on the scope of work between 30 minutes and an hour. German Press reported that VW will pay €60 the workshops for this.

Plastic tube with grid replacing VW exhaust problems.
Plastic tube with grid replacing VW exhaust problems. The installation should take less than an hour.

It is slightly more complicated but on vehicles with 1.6 l engines. The mechanic must incorporate namely a so-called flow straightener in the intake pipe behind the air filter which provides a cleaner combustion process. Because the area in the engine compartment is easily accessible, this work according to VW should be done but also in less than an hour.

Can I get a car?

And what if you need the car for the ride to work and can’t afford a workshop visit? Basically, VW promises a reasonable and free replacement mobility. Many car dealerships have therefore been increased their fleets. Some companies sweeten the changeovers also by the fact that they offer a pick-up and delivery service and at the same time conduct a free vehicle check.