Since may Vodafone is not charging for roaming in EU

Anticipatory obedience or just good marketing: Vodafone provides roaming charges for residential customers. Now, mobile customers can call abroad to domestic costs and surf the Internet. Thus Vodafone dispenses with the reduced Roaming, which still allows the EU from May.

“This month’s goodbye roaming: then we eliminate the Roaming in the EU in most tariffs for new customers and data transfer”, said Hannes Ametsreiter,Vodafone CEO, Germany to the “Rheinische Post”. This will annoy the competition. Because anyway all their charges for mobile phone calls and Internet surfing in other European countries are symbolic. Activity has to be reduced from April 30.

Make sure the new EU rules, which then come into force.

All providers may collect in addition home fare no more than five cents per minute plus value added by tax. A text message can cost an additional more than two cents. In Internet usage, the roaming surcharge on five cents per megabyte is limited. The time of great profits for international calls is so over.

Vodafone opens fast LTE network for all customers

From 15 June 2017 there should be more for phone calls, browsing and SMS sending abroad more even no additional fees according to the will of the EU. But until then, there is still more than a year.

Map of countries in which you can use Vodafone service
Map of countries in which you can use Vodafone service. New no-roaming policy will apply to all of them and between. Photo Vodafone

Now, Vodafone presses forward and puts the competition under pressure to take action. Especially since Vodafone puts on it still a sweet: the Germany subsidiary of British mobile operator promises high speed for all. “We open our ultra fast LTE network for all residential customers, existing and new, contract such as Prepaid Services from April 14. You all can surf with maximum speed with LTE.

Vodafone’s offer, yet in April 2016 completely to avoid roaming charges shall apply from 14 April for all red plans and the smart-L-tariff. As of April 30, this also applies the inclusive units at the prepaid plans.

Business customers free of roaming charges in March

Middle of March Vodafone for business customers had created a package with a complete voice and SMS Flat rate within Germany and abroad within the European Union, as well as in Switzerland.

Only in Germany according to Vodafone 15 million people on a business trip a year, increasingly staying abroad for over a 3 days. 76% of them were also there dependent on a reliable Internet connection, so the mobile service provider claim. Average cut is €21 issued per trip for Wi-Fi and roaming in Vodafone Network.