VisionX: Bosch 2026 Transportation Systems

VisionX: Bosch 2026 transportation Systems

The truck of the future automatically drives in a convoy on the highway and watches over the rest of the driver. He is not unemployed. Rather he mutated from the driver to the Logistics Manager, planning the next route and edited shipping documents. So, Bosch imagines the transportation of tomorrow in his study VisionX.

“Many talk about the future, she is this truck.” So full-bodied comes the presentation video from Bosch with the VisionX truck concept study. The automotive supplier Bosch at the IAA commercial vehicles from 22 to 29 September 2016 in Hannover wants points with this look in the transport of goods by morning.

“The trucker will in future by the driver to the Logistics Manager,” believes Markus Heyn, Member of the Bosch Board of management.

“40-ton smart device on¬†wheels”

“The truck which is future a 40-ton smart device on wheels”, Hamza says. “We want to create a user interface that is as easy as a modern Smartphone.” The freely programmable displays represent variable and dependent on the situation to the relevant information.

VisionX: Bosch 2026 Transportation Systems

The touchscreen haptic feedback gives the user when operating it. The shown buttons on the screen feels like realistic buttons so that the operation is also possible without looking. The view of the driver stays focused on the road.

The VisionX thinks also of the statutory rest periods. This is achieved automatically searches the truck a free parking space and booked this via the cloud.

Through the networking of the truck, the freight forwarder has access to all the information constantly, knows the route, learns the loading capacity and the charged goods also when the pickup truck in a traffic jam, knows. Each time driver and carrier can change the route depending on the traffic load and optimize, plan a new intermediate stops and program more goods.

Depending on the traffic and route choose the truck even the ideal type of drive and can choose between diesel engine and electric motor.

Platoon as freight by truck

The tax 2026 assumes the truck on the highway itself. The truck on the highway is just arrived, he fits into a platoon, which is a kind of freight trucks. The involved trucks at a distance of only 10 to 15 m drive electronically networked in a convoy in this platoon.

The gas, brake, and the Steering intervention of platoon partners are synchronized, which improves security over the solo. Also, all partners in the platoon convoy through a saving fuel benefit by up to 10%. Of course, this does not apply to the convoy leader. Therefore, the of the vehicle in front automatically receives a compensation via the cloud from all the partners travelling in the slipstream.

That Platooning works, six convoys have shown only in April truck manufacturers different, are driven across Europe after Rotterdam.

Without mirrors, but with camera on the road

Waive want Bosch in the future also on large mirrors. The mirrors are much too large, disrupt the aerodynamics and still have the problem of the dead angle, which often becomes its undoing cyclists in the city. For Bosch, the future of the exterior is so digital. At the IAA, Bosch presents a camera-based solution that completely replaces the two side mirrors.

The mirror CAM system reduces the air resistance of the trucks and reduces fuel consumption by one to two percent. The display of the video images via displays within the driver’s cab. Digitisation, also a representation of the images is possible, which takes into account various traffic situations.

He goes back camera view next to the monotonous highway driving, while a high viewing angle will appear in the spunky traffic in the city. An increased contrast improves the limited visibility when driving in the dark of night

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