“Vision Bike” imagines Brose E-bike of the future

An Brose E-bike with several engines? Why should that be good? What the Coburger automotive supplier Brose was thinking in his study of “Vision Bike”, you know when the read more.

HP Velotechnik
Presented at the EUROBIKE: the wheel manufacturer HP Velotechnik has built in an automatic transmission in their Sun E Trike range of Scorpion. Depending on the power, Cadence and speed, the new Shimano steps engine selects the correct eight-course. In November, the new Trikes are to have, depending on the volume of between 3,000 and 5,000 euros. Photo: HP Velotechnik

“The vision is not a distant future thought, but a user-oriented study. We want to show what opportunities can open up more use of electric motors in the bicycle”, explains Christoph Bantle, Managing Brose Director. It is more, to serve as the cyclist in the event. To comfort. On push of a button. So the bar into the handle of the fork can be at the vision bike retract and sink the caliper in the rear part of the bike. There, he serves as protection against theft.

Sink handlebar in Brose E-bike the frames of the fork

 Christoph Bantle, Managing Brose Director
Christoph Bantle, Managing Brose Director

In the Park position, a spindle drive sunk the two right and left handlebars elements electrically in the frames of the bicycle fork. So the bar no longer interferes with shutting off of the wheel. This function will play a role also in the compact inner city bike parking garages.

In addition, the bicycle in the compact position is much easier to transport. Who is ever has been grappling with the front wheel with expansive arm in the trunk of the car, you will love the Park position of the vision bike. It then goes back on the road, the electric drive brings the handlebars in an elevated position. In addition the motor moves closer it to the cyclists, to create an optimum posture.

Behind the glass
Approximately 8,000 visitors gathered at the bike show EUROBIKE 2016 at the Brose stand on news of the company. Behind the glass: The vision bike. Photo: Brose

Also the seat of vision bike is electrified. When parking the saddle shuts form finally in the rear part of the bicycle frame. A there integrated rubber claw blocked the rear wheel in the recessed saddle and serves as absolutely effective theft protection. Also good: The park mode of the saddle much easier sitting on older cyclists. A push of a button then brings the saddle in the cycling position.

Optimal handlebar and saddle settings saved in Brose E-bikes

At the individual handlebar and saddle settings, Brose proves its origin as an auto supplier. Similar to the seating position in the car the optimal settings can be stored and called up at any time. The saddle and the handlebar in driver profile “convenient” for a relaxing tour of the city or in the profile “sporty” for a fleet tour of the grounds, for example can be adjusted electrically motorized.

The motor unit of the Brose study. Photo: Brose

Rear swinger made in the 3D printer

Of course, the Brose vision bike has also an electrical pedal-assist, which is completely integrated into the rear swingarm.

In the design of this arm Brose shows its manufacturing expertise: the swing arm has been made in the 3D as a module and then mounted on the piece. This procedure reduces the weight and offers new creative possibilities in the design of the bike.

Cooperation with car designer Murat Günak

Speaking of design: the vision bike is created in cooperation with the renowned German – Turkish automotive designer Murat Günak, who had his breakthrough as a car designer with the drawing of the first Mercedes C class. Later, he succeeded as Chief Designer at Volkswagen, where he joined with the aim to emotionalism the design of the master brand of Volkswagen. Now the star designer mixes so the two-wheeler sector properly on.

Brose has presented his vision bike early September at the EUROBIKE fair. What there was there else on new products?

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  1. This includes downhillers, enduro riders, triathletes or the two-time marathon champion: our developers and test engineers are not only total experts in field

  2. Legally, eBikes are regulated by power and speed in most countries. In the USA the limits are 750 Watts (1 hp) peak power and 20 mph top speed.

    It is less in many other countries.

    Most eBikes of legal limit power can assist a fully grown adult in reaching the legal speed in many, but not all situations. If you need to climb steep grades, go against really strong wind, go really fast, or pull very heavy loads you may find your eBike underpowered. It is best to remember that the legal eBike is really a pedal assist bike, not a scooter.

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