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We love Vespa, Vespa loves electric…

The gift to the 70th birthday comes a year too late: Piaggio now at the Milan motorcycle show announced that in the next year to equip the Vespa with an electric drive. Piaggio as a precaution already communicated the purists: even the Vespa Elettrica is a real Vespa.

End of April the Vespa fans clashed on with Martini and sparkling wine on the cult scooter from Tuscany: 70 years there is this wonderfully shaped city cars, who gave a whole genus name and form. To this day, the Italians build the high-roller, which is now copied by many other manufacturers.

We love Vespa
Photo: Piaggio

And as it should be for an iconic brand, thinks Piaggio at long intervals and has so far resisted the trend to the electric drive. So far. Now the Italians at the EICMA Show in Milan motorcycle show have announced plans to bring the Vespa in an electric version.

Excellent Electric motor for Vespa

What can the Vespa Elettrica? it leaves open Piaggio. No information on the power of the engine, battery, load times, reach, speed and price. Therefore no one knows whether the electric Vespa is situated rather in the moped class or the small motorcycles. Only so much reveals Piaggio: electric Vespa to to drive like a real Vespa with Nitro.

 PiaggioVisually, Piaggio for the electric version remains faithful. The Elettrica looks like a classic Vespa, has the typical, round butt, the middle section which protects the feet and legs from rain, the long seat and the typical wind protection. Of course, the electric Vespa has no exhaust. But you must make sure certainly special.

Electric Vespa goes out on sales from 2017

After all, Piaggio has betrayed that the Vespa Elettrica, in the second half of the year 2017. Thus, it comes almost exactly a year after the 70th anniversary of the cult brand.

Vespa Elettrica
Photo: Piaggio

Piaggio but is not the only cult brand that now combines old and new. Recently, the Paris Scooter Show announced scooter manufacturers of Govecs to bring the East German roller swallow in an electric version on the market. More than a million copies of the iconic model was produced from 1964 to 1986 by Simson in the Thuringian Suhl.

The electric swallow is limited to 47 mph and has a range of 100 km. 5000 euros and will be presented at the Intermot in the October 2017. Since, Piaggio wants to ride his Vespa Elettrica already on the road.

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