Venus had life once before

It is said that women are from Venus and men from Mars. The latest study scientists from NASA Goddard’s Space Studies Institute (GISS) indicate that this may be true, at least in relation to Venus. Studies confirm that billions of years ago on Venus was ocean tiles, and prevailing on the planet climate conditions enable the lives of simple life forms.

Twin of our planet today is a very inhospitable place, as its high temperature there (462 degrees Celsius), enormous pressure, and violent chemical reactions make it can not there be any life forms. However, two billion years ago, the planet was much cooler, and most importantly, she was there water and minerals, which are necessary to form a known life forms.

Therefore, it is likely that once existed on Venus, and his “elements” may be transferred to Earth for example. through the space rocks, which constantly roam the abyss of space.

Venus had life once before

Similarly, could also be in the case of Mars, as a recent study of the planet indicate the existence there of life, in the early stages of the formation of the planet. The researchers have strong evidence on that life existed there earlier than on the planet, which gives food for thought.

Research of Venus are a valuable contribution to the search for life in the universe. They were, in fact, carried out within the framework of Planetary Science, Astrobiology conducted by NASA, as part of project Nexus for Exoplanet Science System (NExSS).

Its purpose is to accelerate the search for life on planets orbiting other stars. By combining knowledge from the fields of Astrophysics, planetary science and learning about the Earth.

The findings have direct relevance for future NASA missions, such as the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, and James Webb Space Telescope. The latter may in future detect any planets suitable for residence and characterize their atmosphere.