USB Killer For Electronic Devices

USB killer for electronic devices

For $ 50, anyone may have device named USB Kill. Simply connect it to a USB port on your computer, your TV, your tablet or any other electronic equipment with the connector and in this way physically destroy.

USB Kill works even in an ornery way-in its interior hides it capacitors, which when connected to the power source (that is, just the USB port) fast to load, and when they reach the appropriate level of charge, as instantly discharge this energy, leading to the burning of the equipment to which the USB Kill is connected (well, so in short).

A few years ago such devices had in his repertoire only experts from the security, but today may come into its possession. And in the face of the terrorist threat, where everywhere is surrounded by us electronic equipment, without which not imagine life, it is a vision not growing optimism.

Well-the effect will be that the producers, whether they want it or not, they will have to think about screening the USB ports, so that they are protected against electric attacks (today something like this does Apple).

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