USB flash drive for iPhone?

We Transcend Introduces USB flash drive sales for mobile devices Apple JetDrive It 300. It allows you to quickly copy or move data for example. from iPhone to MacBook.When a mobile device Apple runs out of space in the internal memory, It will allow 300 JetDrive his release in a simple way. For this purpose, the device has been equipped with two connectors. Lightning is used to connect to mobile devices Apple, while USB 3.1 Gen 1-MacBook or PC. Nothing stands in the way, by using a USB flash drive to transfer larger amounts of data, for example. from your iPad to your iPhone with a colleague. It will be noticeably faster and cheaper compared to transfer over the internet.

When the USB connector is used, the Flash drive can achieve data transmission speed upto 130 Mbps.

This means that, for example. the film is about the size of 4 GB can be uploaded in 28 seconds. Lightning connector has been deliberately prolonged relative to the standard, to enable seamless connection to facilities located in the thick protective enclosures.

From the App Store, you can download the official version of JetDrive. It helps in easy creation and synchronization, backup the contents of the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. In addition, it has a photo viewer, and Microsoft Office documents, Apple iWork, and Adobe PDF. The application automatically maps the files to the appropriate folders that you had everything sorted out and find what you’re looking for.

Jetdrive 300 Apple certified it, MFi, which guarantees full compatibility with this company. Pendrive is distinguished by its design and colors well suited for the iPhones, ipads, iPods and unibody MacBooks. Versions available is black and silver. In addition, it has been designed in such a way that when he was working as little energy. Thus it does not consume significantly battery on device to which it was connected.

Suggested price is $70 It JetDrive for 32 GB and +- $100 for the variant 64 GB. Products are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.