uPick turns your smartphone into a microscope

Looking for a full fledged microscope for your Pocket? Then, a look at the project is worth µPeak. Swiss engineers transform the Smartphone with an essay in a true zoom-Monster.Microscopes have really heavy and clunky so – as we know it from the school? No, prove former students of ETH Zurich. They have developed a system under the name µPeek, the Smartphones without further ADO into a microscope. The owner must to glue light surface called StickyPad on the back of its smartphones only a cheque card sized, 55 g and install an app. Then he is also almost ready to explore the fascinating micro universe.

350-times Zoom allowed with 4-element different lens

Microscopy works as follows: the user finds an interesting object – for example, a dead fruit flies – he must place it together with a little liquid on a glass slide, slide it in a flat panel mount, and then set the StickyPad also.

The Smartphone as a zoom-monster: A 4-element lens allows a magnification of up to 350-fache.
The Smartphone as a zoom-monster: A 4-element lens allows a magnification of up to 350-zoom.

The integrated camera shoots a photo of the object – with up to 350-fachem zoom – then their 4-element lens and sends it via Bluetooth to your Smartphone. With the app, the owner can look at the image. Thanks to a sophisticated lighting in the StickyPad, even the fluorescence microscopy is possible in addition to the bright field and dark field microscopy. For this, so far mostly an expensive and non-portable equipment is necessary.

Doctors, researchers and material testers will be wiser.

For the company Scrona, producer of the µPeak, the Smartphone microscope is much more than a gimmick: “The goal is to make the microscopy of a scientific discipline are commonplace”, said co-founder Patrick Galliker Swiss online magazine “20 minutes”.

uPick turns your smartphone into a microscope
With just a few hand movements you can prepare an object for Smartphone microscopy. Doctors and researchers are already reportedly interested. Photo: Scrona

Scrona plans to establish also an online community, where users can exchange experiences and images. And also professionals interested in the solution: “Us requests from doctors, researchers and material inspectors received already.”

Microscope for the Smartphone cost 124 euro. KickStarter campaign begun.

As a Christmas gift comes the Pocket microscope unfortunately out of the question. Because µPeak is currently still in the financing phase. The campaign on the Crowd funding platform kick starter runs 18 days and has recorded so far just under €111,000 – around €115,000 are funding target. Supporters of the campaign can pre-order their copy of the Pocket lab for €124. Then it says have some patience. Because Scrona will supply the equipment until June 2016.