Update on Boston Dynamics (Atlas Project)

Acquired by Google in 2013 company Boston Dynamics of years designing robots, which in future will be placed in the army and troops. One of their recent achievements is the humanoid Atlas.Measuring 1.79 m and weighing 80 kg robot moves so perfectly, that causes shivers on the back. His way of walking is very similar to human. The following material shows that Atlas great deal both in the interiors of the buildings (which may itself open the door, set the packages on the shelves, and even maintain balance, when someone pushes him), as well as on the outside.

Atlas, The Latest Robot Generation from Google (Boston Dynamics)

Robot bravely follows not only the flat terrain, but also through the snowy mountains, here it is worth noting a great system to maintain balance. Even if Atlas collapses, doesnt need anyone to raise. It remains only hope that when it is endowed with advanced artificial intelligence, did not want to take revenge on the still driving it and coping test persons.