Upcoming new Polish Polar Station

The authorities of the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics LORD decided that the island King George a new building in the Polish Antarctic Station. Henryk Arctowski. The current building is already 40 years Designing buildings, which must stand the hurricane force winds and very low temperatures, architects responsible for installation are Atelier Kuryłowicz & Associates.

Upcoming new Polish Polar Station

The building will have a 1300 square meters, 3 levels and will cost almost 100 million dollars. There are rooms for team, living room, kitchen and dining room, and even the greenhouse. The big window will ensure maximum use of light. The building will be eco-friendly, since at least half of the energy will be produced by the wind farm. Currently, the authorities of the Institute of Finance of the project.

Upcoming new Polish Polar Station 1

If all goes according to plan the construction will begin in the year 2020. King George Island is a very inhospitable place, unlike Arctowski Station.

The average annual temperature is there minus 2 degrees, so it is about 10 degrees lower than in EU. On the background of the 40th anniversary of the temperature could fall to minus 32 degrees, and grow up to 17 degrees.

Upcoming new Polar Station

In September 2008 winds were nearly 290 kilometers per hour what is making this place even less friendly.