Unusual activity behind Pluto.

For years our imagination stimulates the “Planet X”, “Nemesis” a possible ninth planet orbiting somewhere on the distant fringe of the solar system. Now astronomers again reported that behind Pluto happens something very, very strange.

Named object for now by astronomers Niku, which was discovered with the help of the Hawaiian telescope Pan-STARRS, and that has a diameter of about 200 kilometers seems to have a prodigious orbit perpendicular to the plane of rotation of the other planets, but that’s not all, because it seems to revolve around the Sun back in the opposite direction than all the other planets.

Niku is now above the plane of the solar system and moves up, and this means that something, some unknown object with large mass, had to give to the Niku momentum, and in the further parts of the solar system happens a lot more than we thought.

Is it doing the mysterious planet X? Unfortunately, this question does not have an answer for the time being, however, astronomers will closely observe what goes on behind Pluto. Perhaps some great discovery lurks just around the corner. For now, however, there is no explanation for the mysterious Niku.