Unmanned Hunter as New American Weapon

American Agency DARPA decided to create an unmanned ship which will be capable of detecting and destroying even the quietest submarines. Has to be totally autonomous, maintenance-free and capable of carrying out the operation, thousands of miles from its home port. It is also the world’s first unmanned military ship that enters the active duty. Marine tests scheduled to start already on April 7, 2016.

In the year 2010 started research on a project named ACTUV. It is an acronym for English words that specify the unmanned ship designed to combat submarines. Role and size resembling a war vessel and will be relentless tracking of enemy units moving even in full immersion. The Pentagon believes Chinese and Russian subs with considerable risk are difficult to detect, run on large depths and many of them moves the atomic weapon. The Navy, after the development of the technology of diesel engines working without continuous air access (AIP), they are able to build large quantities of cheap, yet very quiet and extremely difficult to find submarines. In contrast to earlier structures must emerge to the surface every few weeks, and the price of production is a fraction of the cost of construction of the nuclear units.

Unmanned Hunter as New American Weapon
Unmanned Hunter as New American Weapon

This ship is equipped with a lot of opt-electronic observation systems, detection systems, radio transmissions, satellite communications and specialized computers. Job it will be to predict the potential routes to targets. Virtual reality systems allow remote operator to see exactly what “sees” robot as if it stood on its bridge. What’s more, the transmission of images not only of the visible band, allows you to “shop around” in whatever the time of day and weather conditions. A large number of installed systems is to affect the safety, navigation accuracy and certainty that the body always avoid a collision with another ship.

Modular structure with easy reconfiguration

Even big obstacles as buoys or will not affect the stranding. Composite fuselage is made in hard detected technology for the radar, and the drive is a combination of a quiet diesel engine and electric motors. Interestingly the “Sea Hunter” was intended as a modular unit, and thus can his quick reconfiguration and re-purposing depending on the needs of the US Navy.

US Navy is cutting on costs

The Americans will put this project on low operating costs. Now to search the deep undersea and tracking enemy submarines uses precious and expensive to service destroyers or submarines. Only one day of work the destroyer cost about $700. The cost of the working day of the “Hunter” is just a 15-20 thousand dollars. It is also much cheaper to buy than any destroyer or submarine.

Sea Hunter also shows that modern battlefield very changing. Increasingly, the military puts on a completely autonomous structures. As the first reconnaissance drones appeared, which armed versions. For now appear as unmanned.