Universe is Using Space Fibers to Make Stars

The new stars are formed around us. The milky way is filled with clouds of dust and gas, which gives rise to the next generation Suns. Herschel Space Observatory actually captured in the picture just such a cloud.

Initially it may seem illogical, but places the formation of future stars in the universe, astronomers from the start trace the coldest regions. This is a consequence of the fact that before the stellar gas ignition, it must first be taken inside. Foster ago place cold and slow, such that the gas does not resist gravity.

Beyond the gas must also be dust. It has a temperature of more than just 10-20 °C absolute zero. Optical telescopes are not able to see the matter, but can be traced in the far infrared.

The most surprising is that the coldest filaments of gas and dust stretch through warm areas. The attached to the message the picture you can see the cloud known as G 82.65 – $2.00. The coldest blue region of the cloud, where the temperature reaches -259 °C. In such conditions, sooner or later it comes to matter since and the formation of stars.

Captured in the photo area corresponds to the area of the sky with a width of about. 2 disc full moon. This is one of the areas monitored by the Herschel Space Observatory in the framework of the project the Galactic Cold Cores.