United States and Russia will work together on space exploration

American business wants to cooperate with Russia in the field of the conquest of the cosmos. Politician from both sides are against it, looks like nobody is paying attention on them anymore.

Today this partnership, the friendship and support do not get along. Since the start of the joint construction of the international space station U.S. relations with Russia (at least those in orbit) does not resemble the longer race. However, when NASA lost the ability to send into orbit the people in their own vehicles, the Russians began to use unscrupulous advantage.

Flight ticket to the station costs around 70 million dollars, which brings to NASA a white fever.

Then there are political tensions caused by the aggressive actions of Russia. Hostility at the station, but friendship is in the genre of these rough. In 2014, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin stated that if the U.S. will insist on sanctions, the American astronauts to get to the station will need the trampoline.

$250k per person
Flight ticket to the station costs around 70 million dollars. NASA is completely powerless and has no idea how Virgin can cash $250k per person.

Not messing-up policy to space by Charles Bolden from NASA

The idea presented last week at a Conference in San Diego dedicated to cooperation on the international space station, however suggests the extraordinary cooperation. And I think it is no coincidence that shows him 47 years after the landing of Apollo 11 on the moon.

Boeing and Lockheed Martin, in cooperation with the State Research and production Space Center. M Chruniczewa (chief MIR Engineer) and RKK Energia (builds Sojuzy and Progressy) would like to create a new orbital stations and maybe even land on the silver globe.

Is it surprising that NASA clearly have set themselves the goal: Mars, and does not intend to fly to the moon.

Russia does not cooperate, but this is about to change

Cooperation would pick up the pace in the mid 1920s. This age when scheduled to be abandoned the international space station. The current agreement is talking about maintaining the station to 2024. What happens later is of interest to private corporations.

ISS Calling Russia Friend or Foe?
ISS Calling Russia: Friend or Foe?

According to the plan described by “Popular Mechanics” Russian company would supply the residential modules and for the new space station. American corporations and that would take the preparation of powerful rocket Space Launch System (SLS), which is to be used to uplift these modules into space. The same heavy rocket to be used at the beginning of the journey to Mars.

The new space station between Earth and Silver Globe probably will use old satellites

It would also be used during planned by NASA’s experiment with the capture of the asteroid and downloading its lunar orbit.

Residential modules would add to enlarge the living space in the small planned vehicles. To launch less ready modules (each approx. 10 tons) would not be a problem. However, the launches outside Earth orbit designed in Russia large new station (weigh more than 20 tons) would need benefit from the SLS. “According to one of the suggestions the astronauts and cosmonauts together would take part in a 400-day mission on the surface of the Moon, which expedition Martian landscape, “tells the” Popular Mechanics”.


Space station near the moon would also more efficient robotic missions remotely controlled. With the station do not think in the category “Lunar Base”, it’s rather the beginning of a connection system with Mars considers William Gerstenmaier from NASA’S Manned Mission Program.