UltraSonic Train Blueprints are ready. SpaceX preparing prototype.

How the vacuum tube look in the SpaceX train prothotype? Can we transport people as in a tube? The company multi billionaire Elon Musk has published details – already in 2016 start first test drives. And also a German entrepreneur stumbled about in search on the above sound train.

UltraSonic Train Blueprints are ready SpaceX preparing prototype
So Hyperloop imagines transportation technologies the Hyperloop: company a German entrepreneur wants to promote 2018 the first passengers. Foto: Hyperloop Transportation Technologies

The multi-billion dollar PayPal, Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk is a person who regularly has visions. A particularly worn is the Hyperloop – excess sound train, where passengers like in a pneumatic tube capsules through a vacuum tube fly. Look like the capsules? This is left to the imagination of engineers all over the world. Namely, it has called musk to submit ideas. To provide specific guidance for this, SpaceX has now published specifications of a test tube.

Lower part of the tube filled with concrete

And the 1.6 km long test tube of the Hyperloop in California will look like: you should have a diameter of 1.80 m and 1.8 cm thick walls. The lower part of the tube will be filled with concrete, on a flat surface with a layer of aluminium is produced. These are the basic conditions for a design competition, in which engineers can play. You can decide for themselves whether the passenger capsules on wheels through the tube flit, float on a cushion of air, or repel by magnetic levitation from the ground.

UltraSonic Train Blueprints are ready SpaceX preparing prototype 1
What is the passenger capsule of Hyperloop look like? SpaceX engineers asking for suggestions. Photo: Tesla Motors

Only Downer: A complete vacuum will not be possible. The pressure should be but on up to 0.14% of the normal air pressure lower let. In addition, the test tube has no electric linear motors in the ground. For the acceleration, SpaceX is therefore an own developed vehicle available that will push the capsules. And the engineers have time until when? Until June 2016. Then, SpaceX is studying the construction of the test track will be ready.

German entrepreneur builds a Hyperloop route 2016

Even Dirk Ahlborn has been eager to implement musks vision of excess sound turn into action. The German-Americans from Berlin let 2016 to build a 8 km long line between Los Angeles and San Francisco, which is scheduled to open two years later. “2018 we will transport the first passengers”, Ahlborn the world told the newspaper.

UltraSonic Train Blueprints are ready SpaceX preparing prototype
Design specifications of SpaceX: they serve engineers around the world as a guide for the design of the transport capsules. Photo: SpaceX

Make this dream become reality, 400 employees from 21 countries on Ahlborn Hyperloop Drudge transportation technologies work around the clock. Special: Students of the American elite universities, NASA scientists and Stanford professors receive no salary. Only stock options. It might be worthwhile but that at Ahlborn, customers from around the world sign up allegedly. “We have 20 interested city couples from America, China and also larger interested investors”, says a report by wired Ahlborn. And what is the revolutionary transport system? According to analysts, cities face € 42.8 million per mile (1.6 km). For both directions of travel.