microSD replacement is on the market, is called UFS

Standard microSD is on the market for more than a decade. Market is evolving and it’s time for a new one. New models are not only faster but also have a huge capacity. 

UFS is the new standard for memory cards, which has ultimately forced out of the market for older microSD. One of the most active activists Alliance of companies that want to push through this technology is Samsung. And now the company introduces the first UFS card on the market.

The card will be available in 32, 64, 128 and 256-gigabyte. All are characterized by a very high performance. For example, the most recent of these cards, sequential read at 530 MB/s sequential write equal to 170 MB/s may also perform as many as 40 thousand.

35 thousand operations per second to read and write. For comparison, the microSD equivalents reach 1800, respectively and 100 in standard operations.

UFS cards will not be compatible with microSD cards. Their prices are not yet known.