Massive UFO capture during transmission from the ISS (see video)

All transfers of live broadcast to Earth from the international space station (ISS) are under constant observation by range of freaks and nerds. From time to time is observed a strange phenomenon emerging in the ISS neighborhood well within range of its cameras. This time it was noted a very intriguing object of (probably) large sizes.

The event took place on April 5-6, 2016 and have seen them at the same time, several Internet users watching the transfers from the international space station. The observation was widely commented in UFO Circles. Some call this “foreign ship” approaching the ISS.

Numerous objects around the station are mostly just an unidentified space junk. Let us not forget that the space station remains at a relatively low orbit a few hundred kilometers, where often accumulate orbiting remains from the past like fired rockets parts and old satellites.

However, in this particular case, the number of people claiming that they are not simply a cosmic junk is remarkably large. Attention is drawn to the color of the object and the manner in which bounces off him. Does not look at it, to have precarious orbit to float in space in a chaotic way. The association with the space shuttle seems warranted in this case, distance is constant and remain stable orbit.

It ended up that one of the observers, amazed at what he saw, he reported incident as a case of official UFO sightings to MUFON Organization, involved in cataloging tricky things.