UFO shape yacht Instead of Beach House (Italy)

This UFO is not in the sky, but in the water. The floating sphere shaped yacht has all the amenities you need during vacation. Supplied also with energy and drinking water will give you a pleasure summer and strong independence. Instead of purging a beach house just get this half-yacht half-apartment.

You should know one: speed freaks, yearning on the water mainly to rapid progress, come with this new type of yacht not at their cost. The UFO in this case means “unidentified floating object” the Italian manufacturer’s Jet Capsule brings it to just 6.5 km/h. For people who rediscover slowness and on top of that stand on energy self-sufficiency, the floating saucer is just right. All you need in this case is to configure auto-pilot where you want to wake up at the morning and simple relax.

UFO beach yacht

Inside UFOs yacht is small 30m2 beach house

Pierpaolo Lazzarini and Luca Solla, founder of Jet capsule headquartered in Naples, wanted a “floating home build, which moves slowly around the world” the UFO. It is not built but still, because the entrepreneurs are looking for investors who want to finance construction of a prototype. For 700,000 euros estimated prototype cost to finished ‘saucer’ is around 180,000 euros.

The water-UFO consists two spherical shells made of fiberglass located above and below a floating platform. The deck with a diameter of 12.5 m serves as advice and exit platform and a sun deck. The deck could take on even a small vegetable garden.

The two-story interior of the House boat has about 20 square meters above the waterline and under water again 10 sq m living space, flexible.

Energy refers to the houseboat by solar panels, wind and water turbines

In the upper part one can imagine a small kitchen with a living room and dining area. A ladder leads to the lower level, where a bathroom and a bedroom. The panoramic Windows in the sleeping area will offer spectacular views of the underwater world. The ceiling height in the rooms is 2.20 m, while the entire UFO is 6 m high.

UFO shape yacht

The UFO is powered by an electric Torqeedo deep blue engine with Jet Propulsion. The engine is connected to a 40m2 large Foldable Solar Panel on the roof and can get more energy from wind and water turbines located above and below the platform.

Thus all energy that is required for the operation of the House boat should offer.

Residents themselves also can give fresh water by creating their drinking water with a generator of rain and salt water. To keep stable on the water the construction also due to rough seas, the boat with a compass can be aligned and held with an elastic anchor.