Uber is tracking all users
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Uber is tracking all users

Uber has updated its application through which you can order service. This fact immediately sparked great controversy related to the right to privacy. It happened because along with updating the application, now she can keep track of users until 5 minutes after you have finished using the Uber services, or simply after exiting a taxi and go to the desired location.

Interestingly, in the settings of the previous version of the application you can choose to share your GPS position in three versions: never, when I use the program and always. Then it was enough to check “when I use the program”, in this way, after the end of the carriage and the application is closed, the Uber no longer able to monitor our actions.

Now, however, the option “when I use the program” has disappeared, and in the settings appeared information that you can read on the following screen, that is, in short, that the company tracks Your location five minutes after completion of the order, and even if it works in the background.

That is one thing that Uber does not only know where you want to go, but also exactly where you are in the following minutes. This is blatant attack on our privacy.

Uber is tracking all users

The whole thing already was standing on guard privacy organization Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC). Its representatives will examine whether Uber does not track the location of their users even if they do not use the services. Similar steps will also take the US Senate.

If you want to secure yourself from Uber surveillance, you can revoke permission to access the location of your device. Depending on the mobile operating system, this is done as follows:

Android 5.1 and senior-settings-> location > disabled (receives access to GPS all applications)
Android 6 and later-settings-> Applications > > permit Uber-> location > Disable
IOS-settings-> privacy-> location services-> Uber-> Never


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