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UAU!Screwdriver stops on its own

Awesome electric screwdriver with microprocessor detects material resistance

A world novelty for home improvement is coming to market this summer: A smart battery screwdriver with microprocessor registers the material resistance and switches off automatically as soon as the screw is flush.

The company Black + Decker is behind the invention, which can also drill at the same time.

The following scenario will be familiar to many home improvement workers.

At least from their early days: turning a screw with a cordless screwdriver in the case of a rack, the choice of torque, and fragmenting the wood, an unattractive sight that Black and Decker craftsmen want to spare.

The specialist for power tools has therefore developed a cordless screwdriver with a feeling that can even drill.

Microprocessor registered material resistance

The heart of the smart drill is a microprocessor.

It continuously measures the current consumption of the motor during screwing.

As soon as the screw head hits the material, a higher torque and thus a higher motor current is required.

This is registered by the processor and switches off exactly when the screw is recessed flush.

This fully automatic torque coupling makes it virtually impossible to sink screws too deep in the material.

If this is desired, however, one can hold down the electronic switch and screw it at quarter-turn. By the way, a button press is sufficient and the device changes to the drilling mode.

Two year development and 20,000 turned-in screws

Behind the world’s novelty is a lot of development work.

As reported by Black Decker in two years of research, more than 20,000 screwed bolts and 100 hours of global market research were necessary before the ASD18K reached the start of production.

The smart cordless screwdriver brings it to an output of 18 V and idling to a maximum speed of 800 revolutions per minute.

Thanks to the microchip, the ASD18K is considerably more compact than devices with a conventional mechanical coupling.

According to Black + Decker, the device, with a length of 168 millimeters and a weight of 1.2 kilograms, achieves a compactness that has so far only been achieved with 14.4 volt devices.

Smarter cordless screwdriver comes on the market in the summer

Until the market launch, DIY enthusiasts have only to wait two months. In August 2014, Black + Decker plans to launch the market.

The ASD18K is then available for almost 140 euros in the trade, the version with second battery is 180 euros.

The basic equipment includes an integrated LED working light, a charging status indicator and a quick charger, which makes the empty 1.5 Ah lithium battery ready for use in 90 minutes.

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