Tokyo University Discover New Type of Black Holes

Scientists extract three types of black holes, which vary in size.  A team of scientists from the University in Tokyo under the direction of Professor Keito Tomaharu Eye observed signals indicating the existence of an average of massive black hole near the center of the milky way.

The mass of the object is 100 000 times greater than the mass of the Sun. This is the first discovered a black hole with an average weight.

Black hole detection was possible thanks to the radio-telescope observing gas cloud objects from Nobeyama. Black Hole is marked as CO-0-40-22 from about 200 light years away. Following the analysis of the detected that CO-0-40-22 has an elliptical shape the cloud that you can highlight two areas (low and high density). Interestingly, the observations in terms of x-rays and infrared, not demonstrated the existence of any gas of the heavenly bodies.

Astrophysicists conducted a simulation of the movement of gas in the presence of a strong gravitational field, which confirmed that near must be a black hole. The gas is pulled from the field, approaching him, reaches maximum speed, and when it passes the source of much releases. Described the source of gravity has a mass 100 000 times greater than the Sun, and a diameter of 0.3 a light year.

Our observations in x-rays and infrared spectrum have not demonstrated the existence of any object, and the best candidate for the source of such a strong gravitational field is a black hole, “professor said.

So far, there has been an average of massive black holes, so the Japanese research astrophysicists considered them as ground-breaking discovery.