Joke of the day

How engineer catch a mouse with page of paper?

It is not easy to solve in elegant and simple way a “rat problem”. Here comes engineering geniues and in simplicity of action. As many other professions engineers do not like to have a blood on the hands and toxication or strong harmful and paint-full to animal traps are not causing to exercise our humanities. 

Joke of the day

Engineer from Finland crush dynamite with hydraulic press :)

Last hydraulic press has not been able to surprise us. Brave Engineer from Finland decide to fire a real bomb. Literally, because he decided to crush few candles of explosives using dynamite. The effect, as you probably have guessed, was quite impressive, but you have to see for yourself, especially in slow motion.


Unusual activity behind Pluto.

For years our imagination stimulates the “Planet X”, “Nemesis” a possible ninth planet orbiting somewhere on the distant fringe of the solar system. Now astronomers again reported that behind Pluto happens something very, very strange.


100% Brilliant! Engineered Rolls-Royce Thieves Protection

The famous statue “Spirit of Ecstasy” is on the mask of each Rolls-Royce as small work of art, therefore, always provoking small thief, but nobody stole anything yet. Since 2004 up today as it turns out British manufacturer protects ornament in an active way. How to? You have to see it with my own eyes.